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Slam Dunk (1993 - 1996)

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001The Gifted Basketball Player Is Born!? (8.1)8.1
002Hanamichi vs. Rukawa (8)8.0
003Gorilla vs. Hanamichi! Big Showdown!! (8.3)8.3
004Basketball Player Hanamichi Joins the Team (7.9)7.9
005A Fruitless Afternoon (7.7)7.7
006Rukawa vs. Akagi: The Real Showdown (7.8)7.8
007Hanamichi Debut! Dunk Explosion (8.1)8.1
008Hanamichi's Crisis! The Judo-man's Trap (7.7)7.7
009I'm Going to Play Basketball (8.1)8.1
010The Commoner's Shoot Is Difficult (7.7)7.7
011Our Love's Special Secret Training (7.7)7.7
012Defeat Ryonan! The Fierce Training the Night Before the Match (7.8)7.8
013Shohoku vs Ryonan. Burning Captain! (8)8.0
014Super Basketball Match with Ryonan (8.2)8.2
015Hanamichi Nervously Steps Into the Spotlight (8.4)8.4
016Who Is This Guy? Taoka's Miscalculation (8.1)8.1
017The Rebound King Sakuragi Hanamichi's Distress (8.3)8.3
018Last 2 Minutes! I'll Be the One to Defeat Sendoh (8)8.0
019Time's Up! The Decisive Battle with Ryonan (8.5)8.5
020Basketball Shoes (8)8.0
021Enormous Trouble Makers! Hanamichi vs Miyagi (8.3)8.3
022History's Biggest Idiot Combination is Born (8.1)8.1
023Shohoku Basketball Club's Last Day (7.9)7.9
024The Battle for Justice! Sakuragi's Goon Squad Joins! (7.6)7.6
025The Man Who Aimed at National Championship (7.7)7.7
026Mitsui, the Problems of the Past (7.8)7.8
027I Want to Play Basketball! (8.4)8.4
028The Beginning of Interhigh Preliminaries (7.9)7.9
029Hanamichi! Debut at an Official Game (7.8)7.8
030The Introspective Army's Big Counterattack (7.7)7.7
031Formidable Enemy Miuradai's Secret Weapon (7.4)7.4
032Genius Hanamichi! Certain Death Dunk (7.5)7.5
033Walkout King!? Hanamichi Sakuragi (7.5)7.5
034Gorilla's Secret, Kill with Your Eyes! (7.5)7.5
035Hot Blooded Guys (7.7)7.7
036A Well Seeded School, Enter Shoyo (7.9)7.9
037Hanamichi: First-time as Starter! (7.7)7.7
038Rukawa's Counterattack! (7.9)7.9
039Lightning Flash Ryota! (7.7)7.7
040Rebound King Hanamichi Sakuragi! (7.9)7.9
041Shoyo's Ace Fujima Enters the Court (7.5)7.5
042Shoyo Ace Fujima's Real Ability (7.9)7.9
043Has Mitsui Reached His Limit!? (7.9)7.9
044Mitsui! Stormy 3 Points (8.2)8.2
045Imminent Walkout!? Hanamichi's Pinch (8.3)8.3
046Hanamichi, Hot Dunk (8.7)8.7
047Challenge from a Rival (7.8)7.8
048The Guy Who Pledged to Defeat Kainan (7.7)7.7
049Takezono, Last Fight (7.5)7.5
050Challenge to the King (8)8.0
051Outside Calculation!? Hanamichi at His Best! (7.9)7.9
052Secret Weapon Against Sakuragi! (7.7)7.7
053The Gorilla's Injury! Desperate Situation!? (8.2)8.2
054King Kong's Younger Brother (8.3)8.3
055The Guy Who Dominates the Game (8.5)8.5
056Ace Maki, Full Throttle (7.9)7.9
057Anzai, Bet on Victory! (8.3)8.3
058Stubborn Guys! (7.9)7.9
059Last 10 Seconds! A Perfect Conclusion (9.3)9.3
060Shohoku on the Edge (8)8.0
061Baldy Strikes Back! (8)8.0
062Three-Day Super Training (7.7)7.7
063Battle of the Aces! Kainan vs Ryonan (7.9)7.9
064King Kainan Shows its Abilities! (7.8)7.8
065The Strongest Match! Sendoh vs Maki (7.7)7.7
066Sendoh's Bet (8.1)8.1
067The Final Battle! Shohoku vs Ryonan (8.1)8.1
068Savior!? Hanamichi Sakuragi (7.9)7.9
069Gorilla Goes Astray (7.6)7.6
070Gorilla Dunk II (7.5)7.5
071Gorilla, Shout of Revival! (7.8)7.8
072The Greatest Shame of One's Life (7.5)7.5
073Rukawa Kaede, Gambling on the 2nd Half (7.5)7.5
074The Most Dangerous Challenger! (8.1)8.1
075Fine Play (7.7)7.7
076The Feeling of Victory (7.9)7.9
077You Guys Are Strong! (7.8)7.8
078Uozumi Jun Revives (7.7)7.7
079Blue Waves - Ryonan Fights Back! (7.9)7.9
080Shohoku's Problems (7.6)7.6
081Sendoh on Fire! Shohoku Loses (8.2)8.2
082Amateur Sakuragi Hanamichi the Man (8.2)8.2
083Vice-Captain Kogure's Determination (8.3)8.3
084Win or Lose (8.7)8.7
085New Challenge: The National Championship! (7.6)7.6
086Rukawa's Ambition (7.5)7.5
087Japan's Number One High School Player (7.8)7.8
088The Basketball Kingdom - America (7.8)7.8
089Rukawa Kaede's Spirit (7.6)7.6
090Shohoku's Real Ace (7.7)7.7
091The Nationals are Dangerous! (7.8)7.8
092Guys' Friendship? Sakuragi Gang (7.5)7.5
093Going Toward 20000 Shoots (7.8)7.8
094Shizuoka's Fierce Fight! Shohoku vs. Jousei (8.1)8.1
095Hanamichi's Hottest Day (7.8)7.8
096Basketball Shoes Part II (7.6)7.6
097Mixed Feelings, Uozumi Returns (8)8.0
098Fierce Battle Begins! Shohoku vs. Shoyo/Ryonan (8.2)8.2
099Facing the Strongest Team, Shohoku in Danger! (7.3)7.3
100The Man of Miracles, Hanamichi Sakuragi! (8.2)8.2
101The Glorious Slam Dunk! (9.3)9.3


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E059Last 10 Seconds! A Perfect Conclusion9.319
1S01E101The Glorious Slam Dunk!9.322
1S01E084Win or Lose8.714
1S01E034Gorilla's Secret, Kill with Your Eyes!7.511
1S01E031Formidable Enemy Miuradai's Secret Weapon7.411
1S01E099Facing the Strongest Team, Shohoku in Danger!7.312
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