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Space Pirate Captain Harlock (1978 - 1979)

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Show RatingShow Title
01The Jolly Roger of Space (7.1)7.1
02A Message from the Unknown (6.4)6.4
03A Lady Who Burns Like Paper (7)7.0
04Under the Flag of Freedom (7)7.0
05To the Shores of Distant Stars (7.2)7.2
06The Phantom Mazone (4.2)4.2
07The Pyramid on the Sea Floor (4.4)4.4
08The Queen's Space Fleet (5.8)5.8
09The Fearsome Plant Lifeform (6.9)6.9
10Approaching the Mystery Planet (6.1)6.1
11When Lola Shines Golden (6.4)6.4
12Mother, Be Eternal (5.7)5.7
13Witch Castle in the Sea of Death (6)6.0
14The Sphinx's Gravestone (3.4)3.4
15Unrequited Love! The North Pole Aurora (7.1)7.1
16Kei: A Song of Farewell (6.9)6.9
17The Skeletal Hero (6)6.0
18The Evil Shadow Soldiers (5.7)5.7
19Queen Lafresia's Trap (7.2)7.2
20The Dead Planet Jura (5.3)5.3
21Gohrum! The Tragic Soldier (5.9)5.9
22Space Graveyard Deathshadow (6.4)6.4
23Yattaran: Song of the Model Lover (5.5)5.5
24The Shooting Star of Virgin Love (6.4)6.4
25Doctor Zero and Mi (6.2)6.2
26The Long Journey from Afar (6.5)6.5
27The Will of the Arcadia (6.3)6.3
28The Ulysses Nebula (5.4)5.4
29Life-and-Death Struggle on the Rainbow Planet (4.7)4.7
30My Friend, My Youth (5.5)5.5
31The Arcadia's Secret History (5.7)5.7
32Call of the Star Flute (6.1)6.1
33The Lone Man's Charge (6.6)6.6
34The Galactic Lullaby (3.6)3.6
35The Beautiful Mystery Woman (3.5)3.5
36The Eve of the Showdown (5.4)5.4
37Tears on a Red Sweater (5.6)5.6
38Farewell, Mayu (2.8)2.8
39Courage: The Death of the Commander (6.5)6.5
40And Then the Angels Sang (6.9)6.9
41Duel! The Queen Versus Harlock (6.8)6.8
42Farewell, Cosmic Corsair (6.8)6.8


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E05To the Shores of Distant Stars7.217
1S01E19Queen Lafresia's Trap7.215
1S01E01The Jolly Roger of Space7.129
1S01E35The Beautiful Mystery Woman3.514
1S01E14The Sphinx's Gravestone3.415
1S01E38Farewell, Mayu2.813
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