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Sr. Ávila (2013 - )

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01Fiesta Sorpresa (7.6)7.6Christ's Hitman (8.9)8.9A Clown Roars into the Night (9)9.0Arriba y Abajo del Señor (8.9)8.9
02Sobre Códigos y Reglas (7.5)7.5Pies in the Face (8.8)8.8The Faceless Woman (8.4)8.4Respetuosamente (9)9.0
03Un Maldito Trabajo (7.9)7.9The Master and the Watchmaker (9.1)9.1Tha Hacking Bells (9)9.0El Hobby de Dios (8.8)8.8
04Un Extraño en el Espejo (8.1)8.1Playing to be Someone Else (9.1)9.1The Puzzle (8.6)8.6Duerme El Lobo Embalsamado (8.8)8.8
05El Sr. Ávila (8.1)8.1Compensation (8.9)8.9Gentelmen, Place Your Bets (8.6)8.6Todo O Nada (9)9.0
06Reliquaries and Vampires (8.5)8.5The Good and the Bad Master (8.5)8.5Too Long of a Night (8.8)8.8Ten Cuidado Con Los Deseos (8.8)8.8
07To Kill an Immortal (8)8.0A Shot in the Mouth (9.1)9.1Rumors about a Dead Man (8.8)8.8Los Caminos del Senior (8.8)8.8
08God's Whims (8.3)8.3The Beast's Mercy (9)9.0A Ghost Named Molina (8.8)8.8My Way (8.4)8.4
09The Child and the Spiderweb (8.5)8.5Sr. Juárez (9)9.0Puppets and Puppeteers (9.1)9.1Vete de Mi (8.8)8.8
10Neither Borges, Nor God (8.7)8.7The Boss of the Bosses (9)9.0Twelve Names (8.9)8.9Matar Bien Para Vivir Mejor (8.1)8.1
11Freud and Ghosts (8.4)8.4
12That Day (8.9)8.9
13A Child's Gaze (9.1)9.1


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E07A Shot in the Mouth9.10
1S03E09Puppets and Puppeteers9.112
1S02E04Playing to be Someone Else9.112
1S01E03Un Maldito Trabajo7.920
1S01E01Fiesta Sorpresa7.634
1S01E02Sobre Códigos y Reglas7.525
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