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Star Wars Resistance (2018 - 2020)

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Show RatingShow Title
00The Search for Kaz (5.4)5.4
01The Recruit (5.8)5.8Into the Unknown (6.6)6.6Dart and Cover (5.7)5.7
02The Triple Dark (5.4)5.4A Quick Salvage Run (7)7.0Neeku's Reward (5.2)5.2
03Fuel for the Fire (5.1)5.1Live Fire (7)7.0When Thieves Drop By (5.9)5.9
04The High Tower (5.6)5.6Hunt on Celsor 3 (6.4)6.4Treasure Chest (5.8)5.8
05The Children from Tehar (5.5)5.5The Engineer (6.8)6.8GL-N (5.8)5.8
06Signal from Sector Six (5.4)5.4From Beneath (6.3)6.3Bucket's Quest (5.6)5.6
07Synara's Score (5.3)5.3The Relic Raiders (6.7)6.7Unmotivated (5.6)5.6
08The Platform Classic (5.5)5.5Rendezvous Point (7.4)7.4The Need for Speed (5.8)5.8
09Secrets and Holograms (5.5)5.5The Voxx Vortex 5000 (6.1)6.1Sixty Seconds to Destruction (5.6)5.6
10Station Theta Black (5.7)5.7Kaz's Curse (6)6.0Buggle's Day Out (5.5)5.5
11Bibo (4.8)4.8Station to Station (7.2)7.2The Rematch (5.7)5.7
12Dangerous Business (5.3)5.3The Missing Agent (7.4)7.4
13The Doza Dilemma (5.7)5.7Breakout (7.4)7.4
14The First Order Occupation (5.7)5.7The Mutiny (7.4)7.4
15The New Trooper (5.7)5.7The New World (7)7.0
16The Core Problem (6.1)6.1No Place Safe (7.5)7.5
17The Disappeared (6.1)6.1Rebuilding the Resistance (7.6)7.6
18Descent (6.4)6.4The Escape (7.5)7.5
19No Escape: Part 1 (6.6)6.6
20No Escape: Part 2 (7)7.0


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E17Rebuilding the Resistance7.6155
1S02E18The Escape7.5173
1S02E16No Place Safe7.5159
1SUnknoE02Neeku's Reward5.259
1S01E03Fuel for the Fire5.1423
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