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Starhunter (2000 - 2004)

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01The Divinity Cluster (6.6)6.6Rebirth (7.1)7.1
02Trust (6.4)6.4Star Crossed (7.6)7.6
03Family Values (6.3)6.3Bio Crime (7.7)7.7
04Siren's Song (6.9)6.9Chasing Janus (7.9)7.9
05The Man Who Sold the World (6.4)6.4Spaceman (7.3)7.3
06Peer Pressure (6.2)6.2Becoming Shiva (6.9)6.9
07Frozen (6.4)6.4The Third Thing (7.6)7.6
08Past Lives (6.9)6.9Torment (7.6)7.6
09Order (7.2)7.2Painless (6.9)6.9
10Cell Game (6.7)6.7Skin Deep (7.6)7.6
11Black Light (6.7)6.7Supermax Redux (8.7)8.7
12Goodbye, So Long (6.5)6.5Pandora's Box (7.7)7.7
13The Most Wanted Man (6.3)6.3Stitch in Time (7.2)7.2
14Half Dense Players (6.4)6.4The Prisoner (7.5)7.5
15Dark and Stormy Night (5.4)5.4Kate (6.8)6.8
16Super Max (7.7)7.7Rivals (7.7)7.7
17A Twist in Time (6.8)6.8Heir and the Spare (7.4)7.4
18Eat Sin (6.6)6.6Just Politics (7.5)7.5
19Bad Girls (6.6)6.6Negative Energy (7.6)7.6
20Bad Seed (6.6)6.6License to Fill (6.9)6.9
21Travis (6.9)6.9Hyperspace I (7.8)7.8
22Resurrection (7.1)7.1Hyperspace II (7.4)7.4


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E11Supermax Redux8.70
1S02E04Chasing Janus7.90
1S02E21Hyperspace I7.813
1S01E03Family Values6.326
1S01E06Peer Pressure6.228
1S01E15Dark and Stormy Night5.415
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