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Summer Camp Island (2018 - )

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01The First Day (8.2)8.2Meeting of the Minds (8.9)8.9Susie's Ark (8.6)8.6
02Monster Babies (7.3)7.3Ava's Yard Sale (7.9)7.9Ghost Baby Jabberwock (8.5)8.5
03Chocolate Money Badgers (8)8.0Molar Moles (8.8)8.8Meet Me in Massachusetts (8.9)8.9
04Saxophone Come Home (8.3)8.3Tortilla Towel (8.2)8.2Witches in the City (9.3)9.3
05Pajama Pajimjams (7.4)7.4Acorn Graduation (8.3)8.3
06Oscar & Hedgehog's Melody (8.4)8.4Dungeon Doug (8.6)8.6
07Feeling Spacey (8.7)8.7Tub on the Run (8.1)8.1
08Ghost the Boy (8.5)8.5Spotted Bear Stretch (8.5)8.5
09Computer Vampire (8.3)8.3French Toasting (8.5)8.5
10The Basketball Liaries (7.7)7.7We'll Just Move the Stars (8.9)8.9
11Popular Banana Split (7.2)7.2Catacombs (8.3)8.3
12Time Traveling Quick Pants (8.1)8.1Wild Hearts Can't be Caboodled (8)8.0
13It's My Party (8.3)8.3The Later Pile (8.6)8.6
14Moon Problems (8.1)8.1Honeydew Hatch (7.7)7.7
15Monster Visit (7.8)7.8Light as a Feather (8.2)8.2
16Ice Cream Headache (8)8.0When Harry Met Barry (8.6)8.6
17Pepper's Blanket Is Missing (8.2)8.2Oddjobs (7.5)7.5
18Hedgehog Werewolf (8.3)8.3Tumble Dry Low (8)8.0
19Mr. Softball (8.4)8.4Just You and Me (9.2)9.2
20Fuzzy Pink Time Babies (8.8)8.8Glow Worm (8.9)8.9
21Cosmic Bupkiss (8.8)8.8
22Radio Silence (8.5)8.5
23Director's Cut (8.6)8.6
24The Haunted Campfire (8.3)8.3
25I Heart Heartforde (8.4)8.4
26Space Invasion (8)8.0
27Mom Soon (7.5)7.5
28Sneeze Guard (8)8.0
29Susie's Fantastical Scavenger Hunt (8.3)8.3
30Mop Forever (8.2)8.2
31Pajamas Party (8.3)8.3
32The Soundhouse (8.5)8.5
33Puff Paint (8.7)8.7
34Susie Appreciation Day (8.1)8.1
35Campers Above the Bed (8.3)8.3
36Midnight Quittance (8.8)8.8
37The Great Elf Invention Convention (7.8)7.8
38Twelve Angry Hedgehogs (8.2)8.2
39Spell Crushers (8.1)8.1
40The Library (7.7)7.7


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E04Witches in the City9.30
1S02E19Just You and Me9.211
1S03E03Meet Me in Massachusetts8.90
1S01E05Pajama Pajimjams7.433
1S01E02Monster Babies7.337
1S01E11Popular Banana Split7.229
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