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Taskmaster (2015 - )

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00New Year Treat: The Fastest Duck (8.5)8.5Edinburgh TV Festival Special (9)9.0
01Melon Buffet (8.5)8.5Fear of Failure (8.4)8.4Pea in a Haystack (8.7)8.7A Fat Bald White Man (8.7)8.7Dignity Intact (8.4)8.4The Old, Soft, Curved Padlock (7.8)7.8The Mean Bean (8.7)8.7Hello (7.9)7.9Join Our Cult (8)8.0God's Haemorrhoid (8)8.0Champion of Champions: I've Sinned Again (8.3)8.3
02The Pie Whisperer (8.7)8.7Pork Is a Sausage (8.3)8.3The Dong and the Gong (8.7)8.7Look at Me (8.6)8.6The Leprechaun or the Lesbian (8.5)8.5Tarpeters (8)8.0My Eyes Are Circles (8.5)8.5A Novel About Russian Gulags (8)8.0Butter in the Microwave (8.6)8.6A Documentary About Despots (7.8)7.8Champion of Champions: Wiley Giraffe Blower (8.1)8.1
03The Poet and the Egg (8.8)8.8A Pistachio Éclair (8.3)8.3Little Polythene Grief Cave (8.6)8.6Hollowing Out a Baguette (8.8)8.8Phoenix (8.6)8.6One Warm Prawn (7.5)7.5Twelve Blush Majesty Two (8.6)8.6Stuck in a Mammal Groove (7.8)7.8Five Miles Per Day (8)8.0Point of Swivel (8.2)8.2
04Down an Octave (8.6)8.6Welcome to Rico Face (8.1)8.1A Very Nuanced Character (8.5)8.5Friendship Is Truth (8.2)8.2Residue Around the Hoof (8.4)8.4BMXing! (8)8.0OLLIE (8.8)8.8The Barrel Dad (8.3)8.3Quisps (8.2)8.2Toshwash (8)8.0
05Little Denim Shorts (8.5)8.5There's Strength in Arches (8.6)8.6The F.I.P. (8.6)8.6Meat (8.7)8.7A Wind-Dried Puffin (8.8)8.8H (8.3)8.3Lotta Soup (8.6)8.6Stay Humble (8.2)8.2Another Spoon (8.2)8.2I Hate Your Trainers (8.2)8.2
06The Last Supper (8.5)8.5Spatchcock It (8.3)8.3Spoony Neeson (8.6)8.6We Met at Mealtimes (8.1)8.1A Coquettish Fascinator (8.6)8.6Rock 'n' Roll Umlaut (8.1)8.1Bready, Bready, Bready (7.9)7.9Hippopotamus (8.1)8.1
07No Stars for Naughty Boys (8.8)8.8Boing Boing (8.4)8.4Roadkill Doused in Syrup (8.4)8.4The Perfect Stuff (8.9)8.9This Is Trevor (8.2)8.2A Cuddle (8.2)8.2Legit Glass (7.9)7.9
08Tony Three Pies (8.8)8.8Their Water's So Delicious (9)9.0What Kind of Pictures? (7.7)7.7Mother Honks Her Horn (8.6)8.6Aquatic Sewing Machine (8.2)8.2Shaqinahat (8.1)8.1Moments of Silence (7.9)7.9
09The Bubble Brothers (8.1)8.1The Pendulum Draws the Eye (8.8)8.8I've Been a Bit Ill (8.1)8.1Don't Like Them Go Bang (8.3)8.3Air Horn Andy (8.1)8.1
10He Was a Different Man (8.5)8.5I Can Hear It Gooping (9.1)9.1Clumpy Swayey Clumsy Man (8.5)8.5Think About the Spirit (8.6)8.6Dog Meat Trifle (8.4)8.4


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S07E10I Can Hear It Gooping9.187
1S05E08Their Water's So Delicious9.082
1SUnknoE00Edinburgh TV Festival Special9.00
1S08E03Stuck in a Mammal Groove7.865
1S06E08What Kind of Pictures?7.755
1S06E03One Warm Prawn7.566
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