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Terrace House (2015 - 2016)

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Show RatingShow Title
01New Boys, New Girls, New City (7.4)7.4
02Three Crushes (7.1)7.1
03Dream Police (7.9)7.9
04In Tears Again (7.5)7.5
05Eenie Meenie Miney Mo (7.5)7.5
06All Screwed Up (7.6)7.6
07Showing His True Colors (7.5)7.5
08Late Night Poolside (7.1)7.1
09What a Good Day! (7.6)7.6
10Before He Says the Word... (7.3)7.3
11Boy from the Rainbow State (8)8.0
12Is She Just Best of Three? (8)8.0
13Who Will Survive? (7.6)7.6
14Ikujinashi (7.9)7.9
15Heating Up for Someone Else (7.8)7.8
16Magic Spell Costco (7.8)7.8
17Anywhere for You (7.5)7.5
18Worst Date Ever (7.4)7.4
19A Christmas Nightmare (7.5)7.5
20Scissorhands (7.5)7.5
21Case of Poke Bowl (8.3)8.3
22Case of the Meat (8.1)8.1
23No Use Crying Over Meat (8.3)8.3
24New It-Girl in the City (8.1)8.1
25Mr. Perfect in the City (7.2)7.2
26Love Is in the Air (7.8)7.8
27Always Smiling with You (7.9)7.9
28Cry, Cry, Cry (7.8)7.8
29Nightie Nightmare (7.8)7.8
30Girl's Decision in Love (7.6)7.6
31Natsumi & Fuyumi (7.5)7.5
32Shall We Pas de Deux? (7.6)7.6
33First Dip in the Pool (8.1)8.1
34Hamburg × Hamburg (7.4)7.4
35Bye Bye Mr. Perfect (8.5)8.5
36Byrnes Sandwich (7.8)7.8
37Slow Down Your Love (7.5)7.5
38Quick to Say I Love You (8)8.0
39Rocket Girl Dives Into Love (7.9)7.9
40Midsummer Intimacy (7.5)7.5
41Better Luck This Time (8.3)8.3
42Fragile Boy, Fragile Girl (7.8)7.8
43Kiss and Tell (8.2)8.2
44Price of a Lie (8.5)8.5
45The Riko Special (8.1)8.1
46Bye Bye Terrace House in the City (8.1)8.1


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E35Bye Bye Mr. Perfect8.515
1S01E44Price of a Lie8.512
1S01E41Better Luck This Time8.312
1S01E25Mr. Perfect in the City7.212
1S01E08Late Night Poolside7.116
1S01E02Three Crushes7.121
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