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Terrahawks (1983 - 1986)

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01Expect the Unexpected (6.6)6.6Mind Monster (6.6)6.6Two for the Price of One (6.3)6.3
02Expect the Unexpected: Part 2 (6.4)6.4To Catch a Tiger (6.2)6.2Child's Play (6.9)6.9
03Gold (6.1)6.1The Midas Touch (6.1)6.1Jolly Roger One (6.4)6.4
04Thunder-Roar (6.3)6.3Operation S.A.S. (6.7)6.7Runaway (6.4)6.4
05Close Call (5.5)5.5Ten Top Pop (6.4)6.4First Strike (7.2)7.2
06From Here to Infinity (6.6)6.6Unseen Menace (7)7.0Terratomb (7.1)7.1
07Space Samurai (5.4)5.4A Christmas Miracle (6.1)6.1Doppelganger (6.8)6.8
08The Sporilla (6.1)6.1Midnight Blue (7.6)7.6Cry UFO (6.8)6.8
09Happy Madeday (5.8)5.8Play It Again, Sram (7.5)7.5Space Cyclops (7.2)7.2
10Gunfight at Oaky's Corral (5.7)5.7My Kingdom for a ZEAF (7.5)7.5Timewarp (7.3)7.3
11The Ugliest Monster of All (5.2)5.2Zero' Finest Hour (7.5)7.5Space Giant (6.4)6.4
12The Gun (5.8)5.8The Ultimate Menace (7.8)7.8Cold Finger (7.2)7.2
13Thunder Path (5.9)5.9Ma's Monsters (5.9)5.9Operation Zero (5.8)5.8


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E12The Ultimate Menace7.812
1S02E08Midnight Blue7.612
1S02E09Play It Again, Sram7.511
1S01E05Close Call5.520
1S01E07Space Samurai5.418
1S01E11The Ugliest Monster of All5.218
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