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The Adventures of Pete & Pete (1992 - 1996)

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Show RatingShow Title
01The King of the Road (8.2)8.2Grounded for Life (8.2)8.235 Hours (8)8.0
02Day of the Dot (8.4)8.4Field of Pete (8.5)8.5The Trouble with Teddy (8.5)8.5
03The Nightcrawlers (8.6)8.6The Call (8.3)8.3The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky (7.9)7.9
04Rangeboy (8.1)8.1The Big Quiet (7.9)7.9Splashdown (8.5)8.5
05Tool and Die (8.4)8.4Time Tunnel (9)9.0Dance Fever (8.1)8.1
06Don't Tread on Pete (8.3)8.3Inspector 34 (8.4)8.4Crisis in the Love Zone (8.2)8.2
07When Petes Collide (8.3)8.3Halloweenie (8.5)8.5Last Laugh (8.4)8.4
08Hard Day's Pete (8.6)8.6X=WHY? (8.6)8.6Allnighter (8.2)8.2
09Valentine's Day Massacre (7.7)7.7On Golden Pete (8.4)8.4Road Warrior (8.6)8.6
10What We Did on Our Summer Vacation (8.9)8.9Farewell, My Little Viking: Part 1 (8.5)8.5Pinned (8.4)8.4
11Apocalypse Pete (8.4)8.4Farewell, My Little Viking: Part 2 (8.7)8.7O' Christmas Pete (8.1)8.1
12New Year's Pete (8.3)8.3Yellow Fever (9.1)9.1Das Bus (8.6)8.6
13Sick Day (8.5)8.5Saturday (9.1)9.1
14Space, Geeks and Johnny Unitas (8.3)8.3


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E12Yellow Fever9.154
1S02E05Time Tunnel9.048
1S02E04The Big Quiet7.932
1S03E03The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky7.938
1S01E09Valentine's Day Massacre7.741
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