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The Apprentice UK (2005 - )

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01Wilting Blooms (7.2)7.2Episode #2.1 (6.8)6.8Coffee to Go (6.9)6.9Fishy Business (7.4)7.4Episode #5.1 (7.2)7.2£250 Business Start Up (7)7.0Container (7.3)7.3Ten Years of Selling (6.1)6.1Fish Food (6.9)6.9Episode #12.1 (6.9)6.9Burgers (7.3)7.3Malta (7.5)7.5South Africa (6.4)6.4
02Child's Play (6.5)6.5Episode #2.2 (6)6.0Doggy Designs (6.9)6.9A Dirty Job (6.8)6.8Episode #5.2 (6.6)6.6Mobile Phone Application (7)7.0Wearable Technology (6.9)6.9Week Two (6.7)6.7Episode #12.2 (6.6)6.6Hotel Redesign (7.4)7.4Comics (6.5)6.5Ice Lollies (7.2)7.2
03Shop Till You Drop (6.3)6.3Episode #2.3 (5.9)5.9Start-up Service (6.7)6.7Cooking with Gas? (6.6)6.6Episode #5.3 (6)6.0Discount Buying for the Savoy (6.8)6.8Flat-Pack (7.2)7.2Home Fragrance (6.2)6.2Week Three England vs. France (7)7.0Episode #12.3 (6.4)6.4Robots (7.1)7.1Doughnuts (7.1)7.1Toys (6.6)6.6
04The Harrods' Sales (6.5)6.5Episode #2.4 (6.3)6.3Sugar Rush (6.7)6.7A Photo Finish (6.6)6.6Episode #5.4 (6.3)6.3Beauty Treatments (7)7.0Flat-Pack (5.8)5.8Episode #10.4 (6.4)6.4Week Four (7)7.0Episode #12.4 (6.8)6.8Stadium Sales (6.7)6.7Bodybuilding Expo (7.4)7.4Electric Bikes (6.4)6.4
05Art with a Capital F (6)6.0Advertising (6)6.0Fish, Lips and Horses (6.3)6.3Mid-series Sales (6)6.0Episode #5.5 (6)6.0Create, Brand and Launch a Pet Food (7.2)7.2Keep Fit (7.4)7.4Dubai (7.2)7.2Episode #10.5 (6.5)6.5Week Five (7)7.0Episode #12.5 (7.1)7.1Lord Sugar's Birthday (7.5)7.5Shoe Design (7.1)7.1Oxford and Cambridge Discount Buying (6.6)6.6
06Advertising Executives (7.3)7.3Car Sales (6.3)6.3The Sausage Saga (7)7.0Episode #5.6 (6.3)6.3Rubbish (7.4)7.4Episode #10.6 (6.2)6.2Week Six (7.9)7.9Episode #12.6 (6.8)6.8Bruges Tour (7.7)7.7Airline Advertising (7.4)7.4Theme Park (7)7.0
07Apprentice Celebrities (6.3)6.3Retail (6.3)6.3The 97 Pence Victory (6.6)6.6Fowl Play Afoot (8)8.0Episode #5.7 (6.3)6.3Caravans (7.4)7.4The Apprentice in New York (7)7.0Week Seven (7)7.0Episode #12.7 (6.8)6.8Advertising - Cars (7.9)7.9Urban Gardening (7)7.0Finland Advertising (6.9)6.9
08Food Fight (6.3)6.3Episode #2.8 (6)6.0Brand-a-Trainer (6.3)6.3Online Dating (7)7.0Episode #10.8 (6)6.0Week Eight (6.8)6.8Episode #12.8 (6.3)6.3Doggy Business (7.4)7.4Glasgow Art (7.4)7.4Steam Train (7.3)7.3
09Team News (6.4)6.4Episode #2.9 (6.1)6.1Feeling the Strain (6.6)6.6Ready Meals (7)7.0Episode #10.9 (6.8)6.8Week Nine (6.8)6.8Episode #12.9 (6.7)6.7Food Boxes (7)7.0TV Selling (7.5)7.5Music Managers (6.8)6.8
10Apprentices on TV (6.5)6.5Episode #2.10 (6.3)6.3Selling on TV (6.6)6.6Flip It (7.4)7.4Premium Pudding (6.8)6.8Week Ten (7)7.0Episode #12.10 (6.8)6.8Fashion Show (6.8)6.8Christmas Chocolate (7.3)7.3Perfume (6.8)6.8
11Apprentice Interviews (5.9)5.9Episode #2.11 (6.2)6.2Interviews (6.6)6.6Interviews: Semi Final (7.8)7.8Episode #10.11 (6.8)6.8Week Eleven: Interviews (7)7.0Episode #12.11 (6.4)6.4The Final Five (7.3)7.3The Final Five (6.4)6.4
12The Final (6.5)6.5The Final (6.9)6.9The Grand Finale (6.8)6.8The Final Hurdle (8.2)8.2Episode #5.12 (8)8.0The Final (6.8)6.8The Final and You're Hired! (7.2)7.2Episode #12.12 (7.3)7.3Interviews (6.9)6.9Interviews (7.1)7.1
13Why I Fired Them (6)6.0
14The Finale (7)7.0The Final (7)7.0The Final (7.5)7.5


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S04E12The Final Hurdle8.20
1S04E07Fowl Play Afoot8.00
1S05E12Episode #5.128.00
1S01E11Apprentice Interviews5.911
1S02E03Episode #2.35.90
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