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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010 - 2012)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Iron Man Is Born (7.7)7.7The Private War of Dr. Doom (8.5)8.5
02Thor the Mighty (7.7)7.7Alone Against A.I.M. (7.6)7.6
03Hulk Versus the World (8.1)8.1Acts of Vengeance (8.4)8.4
04Meet Captain America (8.1)8.1Welcome to the Kree Empire (8.2)8.2
05The Man in the Ant Hill (7.8)7.8To Steal an Ant-Man (8.4)8.4
06Breakout: Part 1 (8.1)8.1Michael Korvac (8.1)8.1
07Breakout: Part 2 (8.5)8.5Who Do You Trust (8.8)8.8
08Some Assembly Required (8.1)8.1The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill (8.3)8.3
09Living Legend (8.2)8.2Nightmare in Red (8.3)8.3
10Everything Is Wonderful (7.8)7.8Prisoner of War (8.9)8.9
11Panther's Quest (7.8)7.8Infiltration (8.8)8.8
12Gamma World, Part 1 (8.1)8.1Secret Invasion (8.8)8.8
13Gamma World, Part 2 (8.3)8.3Along Came a Spider... (8.5)8.5
14Masters of Evil (8.3)8.3Behold... The Vision (8.3)8.3
15459 (7.9)7.9Powerless (7.8)7.8
16Widow's Sting (8.2)8.2Assault on 42 (7.9)7.9
17The Man Who Stole Tomorrow (8.5)8.5Ultron Unlimited (8.4)8.4
18Come the Conqueror (8.4)8.4Yellowjacket (7.9)7.9
19The Kang Dynasty (8.5)8.5Emperor Stark (8.2)8.2
20The Casket of Ancient Winters (7.6)7.6Code Red (8.2)8.2
21Hail Hydra! (8.3)8.3Winter Soldier (8.4)8.4
22Ultron-5 (8.6)8.6The Deadliest Man Alive (8.1)8.1
23The Ultron Imperative (8.5)8.5New Avengers (8.7)8.7
24This Hostage Earth (8.4)8.4Operation Galactic Storm (8.2)8.2
25The Fall of Asgard (8.6)8.6Live Kree or Die (8.2)8.2
26A Day Unlike Any Other (9)9.0Avengers Assemble (8.7)8.7


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E26A Day Unlike Any Other9.0238
1S02E10Prisoner of War8.9209
1S02E07Who Do You Trust8.8205
1S01E02Thor the Mighty7.7286
1S02E02Alone Against A.I.M.7.6212
1S01E20The Casket of Ancient Winters7.6215
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