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The Big Lez Show (2012 - 2019)

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Show RatingShow Title
01The Flowers (8.5)8.5They're Back (8.8)8.8Skits Roof Hangs (9)9.0I'm on a Skits Mission (9.6)9.6
02The Volcano Bong (8.9)8.9The Trippa Snippa (9.6)9.6Yeah nah, Mate (9.3)9.3Plac-Key (9.6)9.6
03Norton's Revenge (8.8)8.8Where's the Gold (8.9)8.9Ahow (9.3)9.3Vinally (9.3)9.3
04Meet Mike Nolan (9.1)9.1Birthday Bash (9)9.0Popcoin (9.2)9.2Word from the King (9.3)9.3
05Father's Day (8.7)8.7Busted (9.8)9.8Lez's Secret (9)9.0Choomah Island 3: Denouement (9.7)9.7
06Day at the Beach (8.7)8.7Life in the Can (9)9.0Yoweed (9.3)9.3
07Quinton's Birthday (8.9)8.9Never Again Land (9.5)9.5Bindi's (9)9.0
08Lez and Quinton Charge the Scooby Doo Spooky Coster (8.6)8.6Goin' Back (9.1)9.1Lez's Secret Revealed (8.9)8.9
09The Cliff Hanger (8.8)8.8Attack of the Choomahs: Part 1 (9.3)9.3Potadahead (9.2)9.2
10The Brutal Truth (8.7)8.7Attack of the Choomahs: Part 2 (9.6)9.6Choomah Island 2 (9.8)9.8
11Choomah Island (9.5)9.5


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E10Choomah Island 29.8118
1S04E05Choomah Island 3: Denouement9.790
1S01E10The Brutal Truth8.739
1S01E08Lez and Quinton Charge the Scooby Doo Spooky Coster8.642
1S01E01The Flowers8.544
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