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The Comeback (2005 - 2014)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Pilot (7.7)7.7Valerie Makes a Pilot (8.8)8.8
02Valerie Triumphs at the Upfronts (8.1)8.1Valerie Tries to Get Yesterday Back (8.5)8.5
03Valerie Bonds with the Cast (8)8.0Valerie Is Brought to Her Knees (8.8)8.8
04Valerie Stands up for Aunt Sassy (8)8.0Valerie Saves the Show (8.7)8.7
05Valerie Demands Dignity (7.9)7.9Valerie Is Taken Seriously (9)9.0
06Valerie Saves the Show (8.3)8.3Valerie Cooks in the Desert (9.2)9.2
07Valerie Gets a Very Special Episode (8.1)8.1Valerie Faces the Critics (9.2)9.2
08Valerie Relaxes in Palm Springs (8.6)8.6Valerie Gets What She Really Wants (9.8)9.8
09Valerie Hangs with the Cool Kids (8.3)8.3
10Valerie Gets a Magazine Cover (8.1)8.1
11Valerie Stands Out on the Red Carpet (8.6)8.6
12Valerie Shines Under Stress (9)9.0
13Valerie Does Another Classic Leno (9.2)9.2


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E08Valerie Gets What She Really Wants9.8380
1S01E13Valerie Does Another Classic Leno9.2200
1S02E06Valerie Cooks in the Desert9.2158
1S01E04Valerie Stands up for Aunt Sassy8.0145
1S01E05Valerie Demands Dignity7.9150
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