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The Duchess of Duke Street (1976 - 1977)

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Show RatingShow Title
01A Present Sovereign (8.3)8.3Family Matters (7.7)7.7
02Honour and Obey (8.2)8.2Poor Catullus (8.3)8.3
03A Nice Class of Premises (8.5)8.5A Lesson in Manners (8.8)8.8
04The Bargain (8.5)8.5Winter Lament (8.5)8.5
05A Bed of Roses (8.4)8.4The Passing Show (8.2)8.2
06For Love or Money (7.9)7.9Your Country Needs You (8.6)8.6
07A Lady of Virtue (7.7)7.7The Patriots (8.6)8.6
08Trouble and Strife (7.7)7.7The Reluctant Warrior (8.6)8.6
09The Outsiders (8.5)8.5Tea and a Wad (8.9)8.9
10Lottie's Boy (7.9)7.9Shadows (8.8)8.8
11No Letters, No Lawyers (8.2)8.2Where There's a Will (8.8)8.8
12A Matter of Honour (8.2)8.2The Legion of the Living (8.9)8.9
13One Night's Grace (7.9)7.9Lottie (8.6)8.6
14Plain Sailing (7.8)7.8Blossom Time (8.1)8.1
15A Test of Love (8.8)8.8Poor Little Rich Girl (8.8)8.8
16Ain't We Got Fun (9.2)9.2


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E16Ain't We Got Fun9.218
1S02E12The Legion of the Living8.916
1S02E09Tea and a Wad8.918
1S02E01Family Matters7.721
1S01E08Trouble and Strife7.721
1S01E07A Lady of Virtue7.723
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