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The Dumping Ground (2013 - )

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00Jody in Wonderland (5.6)5.6Sasha's Contact Meeting (6.2)6.2
01Freedom Part 1: Home Alone (8.8)8.8Booting Up Part One: Kick Off (6.3)6.3Law & Disorder Part One: Party Games (8.4)8.4Lost and Found (5.3)5.3Miscreants, Robots and Bullies (3.2)3.2Jody on the Ropes (8.7)8.7Rage (7.8)7.8Natural Selection (3.3)3.3The Joseph and Taz Files (2.7)2.7
02Freedom Part 2: Liberty in the DG (8.8)8.8Booting Up Part Two: Quitters (7)7.0Law & Disorder Part Two: Grand Theft DG (8.8)8.8Bear-Faced Liar (4.7)4.7Back in the Game (4.6)4.6Saved by the Bell (7.3)7.3Five Doors (7.2)7.2Elektra After the DG (6.4)6.4
03Baby (7.5)7.5The Dumping Ground Experience (8.3)8.3Stuck with You (8.4)8.4Stepping Up (7.8)7.8One Giant Leap (6.6)6.6Give and Take (8.4)8.4The Lone Ranger (8.8)8.8Bailey After the DG (2.9)2.9
04S.O.S. (9.1)9.1The Barbecue (8.7)8.7Mischief (7.8)7.8They Walk Among Us (3.1)3.1The Fairytale Princess (6.4)6.4Heroes (9)9.0Face Your Fear (6.8)6.8
05What Would Gus Want? (9.4)9.4Finding Frank (8.7)8.7Now You See Me (4.8)4.8Hold the Front Page (6.8)6.8Sittin in a Tree (5.8)5.8SorryNotSorry (5.8)5.8Run the Risk (3.4)3.4
06The Real Faith Davis (8.1)8.1Holding On (7.3)7.3It's Not About the Money (6.6)6.6Growing Pains (9.2)9.2Faking It (6.9)6.9Cat's in the Cradle (9)9.0Candi-Rose? (6.1)6.1
07The Truth Is Out There (7.5)7.5Endurance (7.9)7.9Fake It to Make It (6.8)6.8Submarine (5.8)5.8Sasha Bellman P.I. (3.1)3.1Challenging Times (4.2)4.2The Return of the Freaky Twins (6.5)6.5
08Dreamland (8)8.0I Have a Dream (7.7)7.7Breaking In (8.3)8.3First Past the Post (6)6.0Belief (8.6)8.6Two Sides to Every Story (5.8)5.8Snake (6.2)6.2
09A Day in the Past (8.4)8.4Sticks and Stones (8.4)8.4The Long Way Home (8.9)8.9Survivors (4.8)4.8Vox Populi (5.7)5.7Utopia (7.9)7.9Three's A Crowd (6.1)6.1
10Oh Mo! (8.4)8.4G.I. Johnny (8.1)8.1Dragon Slayer (8)8.0The End of It All (5.8)5.8Free (5.1)5.1The Lurgy (8.1)8.1A Mother's Love (8.8)8.8
11Seriously Funny (6.5)6.5Be My Girl (7.9)7.9Three Days (6.8)6.8Perfect Match (4)4.0The Wardrobe (3)3.0RyanMan (7.7)7.72 + 2 = 5 (5.6)5.6
12Esme (8.4)8.4Hope (9.1)9.1Free to Good Home (7.8)7.8Doris (5.9)5.9Farvel (8.9)8.9Holding Out for a Hero (7.9)7.9A Million Ways to Say Goodbye (7.1)7.1
13Scary Beasts (8.8)8.8Face the Music (6.6)6.6Better Than You (5)5.0Risky Business (4.8)4.8Choose Your Own Adventure (3.5)3.5Stuck (5)5.0The Boss (8.6)8.6
14Liam's Story (4.9)4.9Who Are You? (8.5)8.5Troll (6.9)6.9Making Waves (6.2)6.2The Secret (3.9)3.9The Movie Business (8.4)8.4
15Where Is Love? (8.5)8.5It Takes Two (6.5)6.5The Phantom of Ashdene Ridge (5.2)5.2Bird's Song (7.2)7.2Two Hands, Four Hands (6.4)6.4
16Goodbye Girl (4.7)4.7Getting to Know You (5.5)5.5The Switch (9.2)9.2Home (8.2)8.2Letting Go (9.7)9.7
17Something Borrowed (8.7)8.7Two Camps (6.7)6.7Mission Totally Possible (4.7)4.7Faker (4.6)4.6Tyler Means Business (2.5)2.5
18What Matters? (8.6)8.6How to Be Perfect (4.8)4.8Sick (6.5)6.5Me, Myself and I (8.8)8.8Go Fish (8.2)8.2
19Coming Round (7.5)7.5One for Sorrow (6.5)6.5Rough Justice (7.2)7.2Jay and Bird's Day Off (6.5)6.5King of Comedy (7.8)7.8
20Refuge (9.1)9.1Two for Joy (5.4)5.4Where You Belong (8.4)8.4Wasters (8.6)8.6Champions (8.5)8.5
21Floss the Foundling (7)7.0#SaveTheDG (7.7)7.7Joyless Division (6.9)6.9Another Planet (6.4)6.4
22What Lies Beneath (6.6)6.6No Escaping (4)4.0Reunion (3.1)3.1
23Dumping Ground Island (6.1)6.1To Have and Not to Hold (8.5)8.5Mighty Mike Milligan (3.4)3.4
24Missing Presumed Single (6.2)6.2The Last Dance (3.8)3.8


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S07E16Letting Go9.712
1S01E05What Would Gus Want?9.422
1S04E06Growing Pains9.213
1SUnknoE03Bailey After the DG2.90
1SUnknoE01The Joseph and Taz Files2.70
1S07E17Tyler Means Business2.50
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