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The First 48 (2004 - )

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000After the First 48: Fool for Love/Crash (8.1)8.1
001Gangs of Little Havana/Execution in Coconut Grove (7.5)7.5A Serial Killer Calls (7.5)7.5House of Blood/Last Man Standing (7.8)7.8Loved to Death/Unmasked (8.4)8.4Family Secrets/Clipped (8.2)8.2Missing Witness/Who's Knocking (6.8)6.8Inked in Blood (8)8.0Gone (7.7)7.7Last Wish (7)7.0Twist of Fate (7.1)7.1John Doe/Night of the Dead (6.3)6.3Brother's Bread/Into the Woods (6.6)6.6Deadly Obsession/The Killer You Know (7.7)7.7The House on Madrona Street (7.9)7.9Deadly Premonition (7.9)7.9Honor Code (6.8)6.8Spree Killer (7.8)7.8Chain of Death (8.2)8.26000 Motives/Deadly Gamble (6.8)6.8
002Overkill/Left for Dead (6.8)6.8Murder on the Interstate/House of Santeria (7.8)7.8Duct Tape Murder/Custody of the Devil (7)7.0Inner Demons/Kids with Guns (8.1)8.1Fatal Pickup/Bad Neighbor (7.1)7.1Blindsided (7.9)7.9Double Time (6.8)6.8Return to Sender/Death Camp (7.3)7.3Signs of Violence/Live by the Gun (6.8)6.8Body of Evidence (7.4)7.4Deadly Gamble/Inside Job (7.2)7.2After the First 48: Loose Ends (4.3)4.3Deadly Obsession, The Killer You Know (7.2)7.2Deadly Secret/Behind Closed Doors (7.3)7.3Blood on Bourbon (6.4)6.4Taken for a Ride (6.6)6.6Runner Runner (7.2)7.2The Grudge (8.2)8.2Taken (7.6)7.6Out of Sight/Missing Piece (7.4)7.4
003Blood in the Snow/Swope Park Killing (7.7)7.7Hostile Takeover/Shot in the Back (7)7.0Fish Out of Water/Good Samaritan (7.7)7.7The Witness/The Trunk (8.2)8.2Up in Smoke/Shot in the Dark (6.9)6.920 Bucks/Family Friends (6.5)6.5Dead Sleep/Tag Team (7.5)7.5Obstruction/Flight Risk (7.7)7.7Cold as Ice (6.8)6.8Lost Highway/Out for Murda (7.5)7.5Burning Rage/Fallen Soldier (7.8)7.8Hot Ride/Debt Collector (7.7)7.7Blood Lust (6.9)6.9Killer Contact (7.8)7.8Monster (8.1)8.1A Bad Run-in/Inferno (8.2)8.2Down a Dark Hallway (7.5)7.5Shattered Dreams/Left to Die (7.5)7.5
004Double Murder on Haskell/Back Alley Revenge (7.1)7.1Hunt for Teeth/Coyote Blue (7.5)7.5Evil Streak/.50 Caliber (6.9)6.9Pre-Emptive Strike/Unlucky (7.6)7.6Blood Trail/50G Murder (7.4)7.4Bicycle Bandits/First Shot (6.9)6.9Unnecessary Roughness/Stolen Life (7.1)7.1Last Night Out/Death Do Us Part (7.2)7.2Road Hazard/Cold (7.3)7.310 Pounds (7.2)7.2Critical Condition/Love Thy Neighbor (7.8)7.8Last Words/Nowhere to Hide (7.6)7.6Desperate Moves (7)7.0Cold Betrayal (6.9)6.9Secrets and Lies (7.1)7.1Mr. New Orleans/No Shelter (7.4)7.4Dangerous Company (7.6)7.6Last Rap (8.2)8.2Tricked/Rogue Gun (7.3)7.3One Heart (8.2)8.2
005Body in the Park/Ruby Street Shooting (7)7.0Downstream Drifter/Murder in Room 162 (7.7)7.7Foolproof Alibi/Left Behind (7.5)7.5Memphis Blues/Knife to the Heart (7.5)7.5Live to Tell/Field of Lies (7.3)7.3Last Birthday (7.8)7.8Burden of Proof/Backfire (7.6)7.6In Broad Daylight/Fight Club (7.1)7.1Cut Down/9-1-1 (7.1)7.1Underworld (7.6)7.6Hit List/Hand in Hand (6.9)6.9Graveyard Love (7.8)7.8Murder on Maiden Lane (6.8)6.8Bad Romance/Out of Control (7.3)7.3Endless Love & Out of Time (7.4)7.4Flashing Colors (7.1)7.1Dead Stop/Uninvited (7.5)7.5Devil Inside/Rattlesnake (7.2)7.2
006Killing Spree (7)7.0A Deadly Betrayal (7.8)7.8Fifty Dollar Murder/Murder in Liberty City (7.8)7.8Boogie Man/Murder on Flowering Peach (7.4)7.4Stray Bullet/Payback (7.9)7.9Floated Away/Tagged (7.4)7.4American Dream/Easter Sunday (7.5)7.5Lester Street (7.8)7.8Life Snatched (8)8.0Deadly Encounter/Car Trouble (7.9)7.9Easy Money/Ambushed (7.6)7.6Last Shift (8.1)8.1Murder in the Bluff (7.3)7.3Trap House (7.8)7.8Buried Secrets (8.6)8.6The Invader (8)8.0Out of the Past/Feud (7.2)7.2
007On Ice/Body in the Canal (7.1)7.1Torched (8)8.0The Run Around/Night Cap (8.1)8.1The Good Book/Nightmare (7.5)7.5Friend or Foe/Code of Silence (6.9)6.9Better Days/Wildflower (6.8)6.8Blackout (7.5)7.5Ditched (7.8)7.8Smoke Screen/The Last Goodbye (7.5)7.5The Good Son/Jacked Up (7.9)7.9Down in Overtown/Breaking Point (7.4)7.4Cold Light of Day (7.3)7.3Bad Medicine (8)8.0M.I.A. (7.2)7.2A Fighting Chance (6.9)6.9Devil in Me/Trail of Blood (7.3)7.3The Visitor (7.9)7.9Bridge of Lies (7.4)7.4Blame Game/Chasing Shadows (7.9)7.9
008Fire in the Rain/Family Feud (7.1)7.1Silence in the Grove/Showstopper (7.1)7.1Point Blank/Shoot Out (7.2)7.2Crossfire/School Ties (8.4)8.4To Die For/Highway Revenge (7.1)7.1Thrown Away/Crimson Trail (6.9)6.9Last Ride/Trailer Trap (7.6)7.6Bail Out/Seeing Red (7.1)7.1Caught Up (6.9)6.9Straight Menace (6.7)6.7Silent Rage/Tainted Love (7.8)7.8Into the Graveyard (7.4)7.4Knock Knock (7.4)7.4Cruel Summer (7.2)7.2Rise Up/Somebody's Friend (7.5)7.5Devil's Trail (7.2)7.2After the First 48: Innocent Lost (6.2)6.2
009Desert Bones/Party's Over (6.9)6.9Twisted Honor/Vultures (7.3)7.3Last Exit/Out Cold (7.4)7.4Fool for Love/Dumped (7.9)7.9Final Investment/Writing on the Wall (7.5)7.5About Face/Backyard Murder (7.4)7.4Lured In/Disaster (7.5)7.5The Last Yard/Root of All Evil (8.2)8.2Blood Money/Fifteen (7.3)7.3Under One Roof/Off Target (7.2)7.2Unarmed/Bad Feeling (6.4)6.4Senior Year (7.4)7.4The Third Man/Cash Money Murder (7.5)7.5Deadly Lies/Stay Down (7)7.0Rearview Killer/Point Blank (7.5)7.5Family First (8.1)8.1The Break Up/No Good Deed (7.2)7.2After the First 48: The Boogeyman (5.1)5.1
010At Death's Door/Wrong Side of the Tracks (6.8)6.8Devil's Candy (6.9)6.9Dead Man Running/Crash (7.7)7.7The Wrong Man/Five Points Payback (7.9)7.9Silenced (7.4)7.4Stepping Up/Foul Shot (7)7.0Dropped Call/Derailed (7.3)7.3Moving Out/Among Thieves (7.5)7.5Torn/Gun Crazy (6.1)6.1Alias/Duel (7.6)7.6Winter Games (7.4)7.4Bad Attitude/Collateral Damage (6.3)6.3The Cover Up/Bad Seed (7.3)7.3Shattered Glass (7.8)7.8Moonie/Dark Impulse (6.1)6.1The Other Wife (7.1)7.1Score to Settle/In Her Arms (7.3)7.3After Hours/The Cutting Edge (7.6)7.6Jealous Heart/The Jump (7.2)7.2Update Special: Last Yard (6)6.0
011Stripper's Revenge/Dead on Arrival (7.6)7.6Fallen/Texas Burning (7.6)7.6Close Ties/Last Call (7.4)7.4Candy Lady/Best of Friends (7.2)7.2Last Dance/Deadly Deal (7)7.0Double Life (6.1)6.1Shell Shocked/Cradle to Grave (7)7.0Unwelcome Guest/Wrecked (7.2)7.2Eye for an Eye/Dead End (6.6)6.6Best Laid Plans/Burned Alive (7.6)7.6Bloody Valentine/Storm Warning (7.2)7.2Love Hate/A Soldier's Life (7.5)7.5The Girl Next Door (7.3)7.3The Dealiest Sin/Bloodlines (8.1)8.1Fateful Date (8)8.0No Return/Dangerous Game (6.8)6.8
012At Close Range/Murder in Motor City (7.1)7.1Roadside Burning/Blood Ties (7.1)7.1Pack of Lies (7.2)7.2Family Affair/The Hustler (8)8.0Hard Fall (6.9)6.9Shooting Spree/Lady in the Fire (6.1)6.1Ashes and Snow (7.4)7.4Marked for Death (6.7)6.7Johnny Black/Stranger Than Fiction (6.8)6.8Hale Storm (7.3)7.3Off the Tracks (4.3)4.3Far from Home/Object of Desire (7.3)7.3Less Than Zero/Friends for Life (6.4)6.4A Man's Game (6.8)6.8Fallen Hero/The Last Deal (7.2)7.2A Killer Fight/Do the Right Thing (8)8.0Triggered (8.3)8.3Hot Lot/Blind Faith (8.6)8.6
013Silent Witness/Halley Street Slayings (6.9)6.9Deadly Attraction (7.7)7.7Motel Massacre/Pure Innocent (7.9)7.9Reversal of Fortune/Running Scared (7)7.0Bad Call/Ricochet (6.1)6.1Deal Breaker/Gun Play (7.6)7.6In Cold Blood/Red Handed (6.9)6.9Heart of Gold/Last Breath (6.9)6.9In Harm's Way/Jealous Rage (6.7)6.7Waterworld (7.3)7.3Ultimate Price (6.9)6.9House of Pain/Into the Night (7.7)7.7Murder in Treme (7.3)7.3Fatal Mistake (7.7)7.7Inside the Tape Special #4 (7.1)7.1The Brotherhood & Lit Up (7.6)7.6Brothers Down (7.4)7.4Deadly Ride/Wrong Place, Wrong Time (8)8.0
014Murder in the Driveway/Double Shooting in the Beans (6.8)6.8Broken Alibis/A Good Woman (7.2)7.2Neighborhood Sweetheart/Hail of Gunfire (5.2)5.2Frenzy/Hard Truth (6.9)6.9Up in Flames/Drive-By (6.9)6.9Blind Rage/Those Closest to Us (7)7.0The Stranger/Prince of Darkness (6.8)6.8One of Ours (7.8)7.8Brutal Business (7.4)7.4Bad Reputation/Deadly Party (7.6)7.6Red Brick/Last Kiss (7.5)7.5In a Lonely Place (7.2)7.2Inside the Tape Special #5 (6.1)6.1Young Guns (7.8)7.8Carnage in the Streets (7.4)7.4Stolen Lives/Family Bonds (7.7)7.7
015Houdini/Innocent Lost (8)8.0Misled/Somebody's Daddy (6.1)6.1Last Fare (7.5)7.5Snapped/Fallen Angel (6.8)6.8On Ice/Overkill (8)8.0Broken Home (7.4)7.4Fatal Showdown; Deadly Text (8.1)8.1Inside the Tape Special #6 (7.6)7.6Tracked (8.5)8.5Late Night Ambush/Fire & Fury (7)7.0Uncommon Valor (6.4)6.4
016Wrong Turn/Deadly Dance (7.9)7.9Motel No-Tell/Brotherly Love (6.3)6.3Smoke/Touch of Evil (7.2)7.2Mixed Up/Blind Alley (7.1)7.1What Lies Beneath/Back for Blood (6.8)6.8Missing (6.9)6.9Dead Wrong (7.3)7.3The Fighter/Final Ride (6.8)6.8Deadly Rap (7.5)7.5Inside the Tape Special #7 (7.5)7.5Random Acts/Blunt Force (7.6)7.6Life Interrupted; Lucifer (7.1)7.1The Girl Who Knew Too Much/The Guardian (7.7)7.7
017Moment of Truth/Cat and Mouse (8)8.0Tender Trap/Bait and Switch (6.9)6.9Breaking the Silence/Letters of Intent (7)7.0Live Bait/Drama at the Classic (6.6)6.6Division/Loose Ends (7.2)7.2Left to Burn/Trigger Happy (7)7.0Deadly Morning (8.1)8.1The Ties That Bind (7)7.0Officer Down (6.8)6.8Stolen Innocence (7.8)7.8Crossroads (7.2)7.2A Killer's Trail (7.1)7.1The Chase/One Shot (7.9)7.9
018Get That Money/Senseless (8.2)8.2Fit of Rage/Mean Streets (5.9)5.9Schoolyard Revenge (7.8)7.8Thicker Than Water (7.6)7.6Shattered (7.2)7.2Dark Waters (8.4)8.4Old Wounds (7.6)7.6Dangerous Business (6.7)6.7Deadly Secrets & True Lies (7.8)7.8Cruel Intentions (7.5)7.5Love Her Madly/Off Track (7.9)7.9
019Easy Prey/Widowmaker (7.5)7.5Girl Fight/Blink of an Eye (7.2)7.2Massacre in Little Haiti/Exposed (7.9)7.9Bloodline (8.1)8.1Deadly Dispute/Heart to Heart (6.4)6.4Gangland (7.2)7.2Blood Alley/Bad Deal (7.4)7.4
020Insider/Paradise Lost/Bad Debt (6.8)6.8Kiss of Death (8.1)8.1Ringside Seat (8)8.0Deadly Triangle (7)7.0Love Kills/Justified (8)8.0
021Dead End Drive/The Fixer (7.6)7.6Lying in Wait/With This Ring (6.9)6.9Down on Bourbon/Deadly Trap (7.2)7.2House of Horrors/Final Sacrifice (7.3)7.3Inside the Tape Special No. 8 (7.3)7.3The Standoff (7.7)7.7Last Stop: Paradise/Bad Blood (7.4)7.4
022No Escape/Trail of Evidence (7.1)7.1The Slip/Pure Victim (7.6)7.6Innocent Bystander/Partners in Crime (7.3)7.3Bound and Burned (7.4)7.4The Passenger/Death Call (7.4)7.4House of Cards (8.1)8.1Standing Ground (7.5)7.5Snatched (8)8.0When a Stranger Calls/Sweet 16 (7.7)7.7
023Terribly Wrong/Settling the Score (7.1)7.1Rocky Road/Something She Said (7.1)7.1Mother of Two (7.6)7.6End of the Road (7.6)7.6Child's Play; Bad Intentions (7.4)7.4A Date with Death/Paid in Blood (7.5)7.5
024Collateral/Driven to Kill (7.1)7.1Final Call/Fatal Fury (6.7)6.7Fast Friends/The Thin Line (7.1)7.1Snapshot (8.3)8.3Lost Boys (7.6)7.6Among Friends (7.4)7.4Teardrops/Almost Home (7.4)7.4
025Dying Declaration/One Last Score (7.9)7.9Killer Debt/House of Rage (7.5)7.51,000 Cuts/Draw (7.7)7.7Predator (7.5)7.5Shooting Blind/Brothers in Arms (7.4)7.4Murder Rap (7.2)7.2
026River's Edge (7.2)7.2Street Law/Standing Up (7.1)7.1Fatal Call (7.6)7.6Jacked, Fallen Idol (7)7.0Stray Shot (7.4)7.4Sudden Death, Devil at the Door (7.1)7.1For a Friend & The Last Gamble (7.2)7.2Night of Lies (8)8.0Heartless (7.7)7.7
027The Invitation (7.8)7.8Knock at the Door/The Brave One (7)7.0Point of No Return (7.7)7.7The Rookie/Cornered (7.2)7.2
028Southwick/Devil's Doorway (6.8)6.8Cranked (7.4)7.4Bad Tempered/The Bully (7.6)7.6Unspeakable (8.9)8.9Death in Desire (7.6)7.6Abandoned in the Bayou (7.3)7.3
029Coma/Disappeared (8.1)8.1Snake Eyes/No Way Out (7.8)7.8Birthday Girl (6.9)6.9Room for the Night/Down and Out (7.6)7.6Escape Plan/Path of Terror (7.9)7.9Who's Knocking/Payback (7.4)7.4
030Nightmare in Greedy Grove/Good Man Down (6.8)6.8Run and Gun/Lonesome Highway (7.3)7.3Neighborhood Watch/Eye in the Skye (7.3)7.3Skipping School/Gamer (7.8)7.8Bad Attitude/Strapped (7.6)7.6
031Night Out/One Gram (7.5)7.5Bad Love (7.4)7.4Chopper (7.2)7.2Cover Story (8.6)8.6Fighting Words/Signs of Violence (7.8)7.8
032Fear Factor/Fall Guy (7.3)7.3A Murder in Mobile (6.5)6.5
033Murder in Pleasant Grove (7.5)7.5Game Over/Long Walk Home (6.5)6.5Soldier Down/Blood Vendetta (7)7.0
034Million Dollar Question (7.8)7.8
036Dangerous Attraction/Candy Lady (8)8.0Night Run (7.7)7.7
037Calling for a Killer/Boiling Point (7.2)7.2
038Closing Time/Family Matters (7.2)7.2
039Caught in the Middle (7.2)7.2For a Quick Buck/Bloody Sunday (7.1)7.1Last Run/Mean Mugging (6.2)6.2
040New Year's Terror/Deadly Friends (7.4)7.4
041Blood on the Streets (7.9)7.9
045Night Shift/Mobbed (6.2)6.2
048The Graveyard Shift (8.2)8.2
054Killer Connection/Bloody Birthday (7.4)7.4
231Blood Red/Deadly Moves (7.6)7.6


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1S19E031Cover Story8.60
1S18E006Buried Secrets8.625
1SUnknoE009After the First 48: The Boogeyman5.10
1S11E012Off the Tracks4.30
1S12E002After the First 48: Loose Ends4.30
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