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The George Lucas Talk Show (2020 - )

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Show RatingShow Title
00The George Lucas Talk Show Holiday Special (10)10.0
01Episode I: Digital Magic (9.8)9.8Episode XX: THX-2021 (10)10.0The George Lucas Talk Show Secret Holiday Show (10)10.0
02Episode II: Radioland Stream Night (9.8)9.8Episode XXI: Wet Hot American Graffiti (10)10.0
03Episode III: Askew of the Views (9.8)9.8
04Episode IV: A New Coping Mechanism (9.8)9.8
05Episode V: The Empire Strikes Duck (9.8)9.8
06Episode VI: Revenge of the Return of the Jedi (9.8)9.8
07Episode VII: Streamers of the Lost Art (of Conversation) (9.8)9.8
08Episode VIII: THX-113GREAT (9.8)9.8
09Episode IX: Yoda Hosers (9.8)9.8
10Episode X: SithTrax (9.8)9.8
11Episode XI: Best in Show (9.8)9.8
12Episode XII: The Empire Contracts Covid (9.7)9.7
13Episode XIII: Revenge Of The Sick (9.6)9.6
14Episode XIV: Halloweekend Spooktacular: Covid-1138: More American Willoweenie: The Battle for Elector (10)10.0
15Episode XV: A New Hopevember (10)10.0
16Episode XVI: The Search for Watto (10)10.0
17Episode XVII: The Hey Nong Mandalorian (10)10.0
18Episode XVIII: DECEMBYRINTH (10)10.0
19Episode XIX: Investors Meeting (10)10.0


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E19Episode XIX: Investors Meeting10.00
1SUnknoE00The George Lucas Talk Show Holiday Special10.015
1S01E01Episode I: Digital Magic9.852
1S01E12Episode XII: The Empire Contracts Covid9.730
1S01E13Episode XIII: Revenge Of The Sick9.621
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