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The Get Down (2016 - 2017)

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01Where There Is Ruin, There Is Hope for a Treasure (8.5)8.5
02Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames (8.3)8.3
03Darkness Is Your Candle (8.4)8.4
04Forget Safety, Be Notorious (8.4)8.4
05You Have Wings, Learn to Fly (8.5)8.5
06Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice (8.9)8.9
07Unfold Your Own Myth (8.1)8.1
08The Beat Says, This Is the Way (8.3)8.3
09One by One, Into the Dark (8.3)8.3
10Gamble Everything (8.5)8.5
11Only from Exile Can We Come Home (8.5)8.5


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E06Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice8.9728
1S01E01Where There Is Ruin, There Is Hope for a Treasure8.5903
1S01E05You Have Wings, Learn to Fly8.5581
1S01E08The Beat Says, This Is the Way8.3258
1S01E09One by One, Into the Dark8.3235
1S01E07Unfold Your Own Myth8.1273
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