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The Guild (2007 - 2013)

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00A Very Guild Christmas (6.4)6.4
01Wake Up Call (7.1)7.1Link the Loot (7.3)7.3Expansion Time (7.2)7.2Epic Guilt (7.4)7.4Road Trip! (7.1)7.1Dream Questline (7.1)7.1Halloween! (6.6)6.6
02Zaboo'd (7.1)7.1Block'd (7.2)7.2Anarchy! (6.9)6.9Strange Allies (7)7.0Crash Pad (7)7.0New Party Members (6.8)6.8
03The Macro Problem (7)7.0Quest Accepted! (7.3)7.3Player Down (7)7.0Supportiv'd (7)7.0Megagame-o-ramacon! (7.4)7.4Makeshift Solutions (7)7.0
04Cheesybeards (7.3)7.3Heroic Encounter (7.3)7.3Get It Back! (7.1)7.1Moving On (7.1)7.1Ends and Begins (7.3)7.3Raid Timez (6.6)6.6
05Rather Be Raiding (7.4)7.4Sacking Up (7.4)7.4Application'd (7.2)7.2Loot Envy (7.1)7.1Focus Problems (7)7.0Strange Frenemies (6.7)6.7
06Total Wipe (7.2)7.2Blow Out! (7.4)7.4Newbtastic (7.4)7.4Weird Respawn (7)7.0Revolving Doors (7.2)7.2Into the Breach (6.8)6.8
07Home Invasion (7.3)7.3Panic Attack (7.3)7.3Coping and Stuff (7.1)7.1Awkward Birthday (7.2)7.2Downturn (7.2)7.2Occupy HQ (6.7)6.7
08Tipping Point (7.4)7.4Emergency! (7.3)7.3+10 to Bravery (7.2)7.2Busted (7)7.0Social Traumas (7.4)7.4Dialogue Options (6.5)6.5
09Owning Bladezz (7.2)7.2Grouping Up (7.4)7.4Wit's End (7.4)7.4Pirate Paddy (7)7.0Invite Accepted (7)7.0The Case of the Game Leak (6.8)6.8
10Boss Fight (7.5)7.5Socializing Sucks (7.7)7.7The Return! (7.4)7.4Festival of the Sea (7.3)7.3Strategy Timez (7.1)7.1Tipping Points (6.6)6.6
11Game on (7.2)7.2Collision Course (7.5)7.5Battle Royale (7.5)7.5Hostile Takeovers (7.2)7.2Costume Contest (7.3)7.3Raid HQ! (6.6)6.6
12Fight! (7.9)7.9Hero (7.6)7.6Guild Hall (7.6)7.6Grande Finale (7.6)7.6End Game (7.2)7.2


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E10Socializing Sucks7.7103
1S04E12Guild Hall7.685
1S06E04Raid Timez6.659
1S06E08Dialogue Options6.557
1SUnknoE00A Very Guild Christmas6.450
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