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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (2008 - 2010)

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01Several Leagues Under the Sea/Eye Sea You (8)8.0Jar She Blows!/Behind the Curtain (8.2)8.2Careful What You Fish For (8.4)8.4
02Kid Nickels/The Sweet Life (8.3)8.3Shut It/Who's Moochin' Who? (7.7)7.7Mayor May Not (8.2)8.2
03Several Leagues Above the Sea!?/That's a Wrap! (7.6)7.6Over the Moon/100 Percensus (8.2)8.2I'm a Believer (7.9)7.9
04Shave and a Haircut... Two Friends!/Cammie Island (8)8.0Off with His Hat/K'Nuckles and His Hilarious Problem (8.2)8.2Liar, Liar, You for Hire? (7.8)7.8
05Skooled/Snarked (8.1)8.1Fancy Pants (7.8)7.8Candy Colleague (8.2)8.2
06Foot Burn/Hand It Over (7.9)7.9Cuddle Trouble (6.9)6.9These Boots Were Made for Walking (On Your Face) (8.1)8.1
07How the West Was Fun/K'Nuckles Is a Filthy Rat (8.6)8.6Who's That Man in the Mirror? (8)8.0Highlandlubber/Who Let the Cats Out of the Old Bag's House? (8.1)8.1
08Sittin' Muscle/Knot Funny (7.6)7.6Unhappy Endings (8.2)8.2Parfait Storm/K'nuckles, Don't Be a Hero! (7.9)7.9
09Lookin' for Love (in all the wrong barrels)/Beard Buddies (8.3)8.3S.S. K'nuckies (7.8)7.8Catch Me If You Candy/Fish Out of Water (8.5)8.5
10Pun Times with Punsie McKale/Balance (8.4)8.4Candy Casanova (8.4)8.4
11Mechanical Genie Island/Revenge (8.6)8.6Down with the Ship (8.1)8.1
12Oh, Brother/Panfake (8)8.0Willy! (8)8.0
13Lead 'Em and Weep (7.9)7.9Bubbie's Tummy Ache (7.8)7.8
14Sea Urchins (7.7)7.7Mind the Store, Don't Look in the Drawer (8.1)8.1
15Whale Times/Love Bugs (7.4)7.4Please Retire! (7.6)7.6
16Sea Legs (8.2)8.2Under the Sea Monster (7.7)7.7
17No Syrup for Old Flapjacks (7.5)7.5Flapjack Goes to a Party (7.4)7.4
18Plant Man (8)8.0Low Tidings (7.6)7.6
19Fish Heads (7.9)7.9Rye Ruv Roo (8.2)8.2
20Something's A-Miss/Gone Wishin' (8.4)8.4Come Home Cap'n (6.8)6.8
21Ben Boozled (7.7)7.7Fastest Man Alive (7.7)7.7
22Candy Cruise Blues (7.7)7.7Oh You Animal! (7.8)7.8
23My Guardian Angel Is Killing Me!! (7.5)7.5The Return of Sally Syrup (7.2)7.2
24Dear Diary (8.1)8.1Lazy Bones (8.1)8.1
25Diamonds in the Stuff (8)8.0Two Old Men and a Lock Box (8)8.0
26Tee-Hee Tummy Tums (8.3)8.3Bam! (7.3)7.3
27Lost at Land (7.7)7.7
28Just One Kiss (7.5)7.5
29Wishing Not So Well (8.1)8.1
30N Is for Navy (8.2)8.2
31What's Eatin' Ya, Cap'm? (7.9)7.9
32I'm So Proud of Me (7.7)7.7
33All Hands on Deck (7.8)7.8
34A Day Without Laughter (7.7)7.7


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E07How the West Was Fun/K'Nuckles Is a Filthy Rat8.658
1S01E11Mechanical Genie Island/Revenge8.650
1S03E09Catch Me If You Candy/Fish Out of Water8.545
1S02E23The Return of Sally Syrup7.223
1S02E06Cuddle Trouble6.932
1S02E20Come Home Cap'n6.823
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