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The Mask (1995 - 1997)

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Show RatingShow Title
01The Terrible Twos (7.6)7.6A Comedy of Eras (7.1)7.1Magic (7.5)7.5
02Baby's Wild Ride (7.6)7.6Goin' for the Green (7.2)7.2Little Big Mask (6.9)6.9
03Shadow of a Skillit (7.8)7.8Flight as a Feather (7.1)7.1Fantashtick Voyage (7)7.0
04Sister Mask (7.5)7.5The Good, the Bad and the Fish Guy (7.5)7.5They Came from Within (7.3)7.3
05The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side: Part 1 (7.7)7.7Malled (7.5)7.5To Have and Have Snot (7.2)7.2
06The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side: Part 2 (7.4)7.4Channel Surfin' (7.4)7.4Mystery Cruise (6.9)6.9
07Bride of Pretorius (7.5)7.5Mask au Gratin (7)7.0The Goofalotatots (7.3)7.3
08Double Reverse (7.4)7.4Jurassic Mask (7.4)7.4When Pigs Ruled the Earth (7.3)7.3
09Shrink Rap (7.6)7.6You Oughta Be in Pictures (7.1)7.1The Aceman Cometh (7.2)7.2
10Mayor Mask (7.6)7.6For All Mask-Kind (7.4)7.4
11Martian Mask (7.8)7.8Up the Creek (7.5)7.5
12How Much Is That Dog in the Tin Can? (7.5)7.5Boogie with the Man (7.1)7.1
13All Hallow's Eve (7.1)7.1What Goes Around Comes Around (7.1)7.1
14Split Personality (7.5)7.5All Hail the Mask (7.4)7.4
15Santa Mask (7.2)7.2Power of Suggestion (7.2)7.2
16Mr. Mask Goes to Washington (7.2)7.2
17Rain of Terror (7.4)7.4
18The Mother of All Hoods (7.4)7.4
19To Bee or Not to Bee (7.6)7.6
20Love Potion Number 8 1/2 (7.2)7.2
21Cool Hand Mask (7)7.0
22Broadway Malady (7)7.0
23Enquiring Masks Want to Know (6.9)6.9
24Future Mask (6.7)6.7
25Sealed Fate (6.9)6.9
26'The Angels Wanna Wear My' Green Mask (7.4)7.4
27Mutiny of the Bounty Hunters (6.7)6.7
28Convention of Evil (7)7.0
29The Green Marine (7.2)7.2
30Counterfeit Mask (7.1)7.1


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E11Martian Mask7.830
1S01E03Shadow of a Skillit7.840
1S01E05The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side: Part 17.738
1S02E25Sealed Fate6.923
1S02E27Mutiny of the Bounty Hunters6.723
1S02E24Future Mask6.723
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