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The Most Popular Girls in School (2012 - )

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01The New Girl (9.4)9.4Pregnant (9.6)9.6Mr. McNeely (9.3)9.3Bring Me Everyone (9.5)9.5Summer Abroad (9.5)9.5
02French Class (9.3)9.3The New Reality (9.1)9.1Hamlet (9.2)9.2Brittnay's First Day (9.4)9.4Bonjour (9.3)9.3
03Sister Act (9.5)9.5Fatherhood (9.3)9.3Little Miss Overland Park (9.4)9.4This Isn't Going to End Well (9.3)9.3Nude Beach (9.1)9.1
04The Most Popular Boys in School (9.5)9.5Justice and a Slim Jim (9.3)9.3A Very Deandra Thanksgiving (9.6)9.6Shaw (9.5)9.5The New Team USA (9.2)9.2
05$57 Lunch (9.5)9.5Atchison (9.4)9.4Farmer's Market (9.1)9.1Mercenary Cheerleader (9.3)9.3Glow Up (9.3)9.3
06The Letter Zero (9.5)9.5Reality Bites (9.4)9.4After School Activities (9.2)9.2Cheer Tots (9.1)9.1Hand Modeling (9.2)9.2
07The Least Popular Girls in School (9.2)9.2Babes Having Babies (9.5)9.5Bestie Day (9.2)9.2Van Buren Family Reunion (9.3)9.3The Morning After (9.3)9.3
083rd Grade (9.4)9.4Cheer Practice (9.3)9.3Mall Santa (9.3)9.3Featuring Daft Poop (9.2)9.2Cake Eaters (9.3)9.3
09Semen on Root Beer (9.4)9.4Miss Cinnabon (9.3)9.3New Year (9.2)9.2Crank Hard with a Last Action Cliffhanger (9.5)9.5The Truth (9.3)9.3
10Gay Van Buren (9.6)9.6Date Night (9.4)9.4This Is Gonna Suck (9.3)9.3End of the Year Party, Part 1 (9.4)9.4Hansel & Gretel (9.3)9.3
11Deandra's Arms (9.7)9.7Pizza Street (9.2)9.2Taco Taco (9.2)9.2End of the Year Party, Part 2 (9.1)9.1Taken (9.4)9.4
12Prom, Part 1 (9.6)9.6Fun Times at Oak Park Mall (9.4)9.4Dr. Greg Converse (9.2)9.2End of the Year Party, Part 3 (9.1)9.1The Final Walk (9.6)9.6
13Prom, Part 2 (9.7)9.7Cheer Tryouts (9.4)9.4New Uniforms (9.4)9.4
14Epic Cheerleader Meltdown (9.3)9.3Hipster Coffee Shop (9.4)9.4
15Cheer Nationals, Part 1 (9.4)9.4Hipster Baby (9.4)9.4
16Cheer Nationals, Part 2 (9.6)9.6Pizza Street Buffet (9.3)9.3
17Cheer Nationals, Part 3 (9.4)9.4Vintage Cheer Uniforms (9.3)9.3
18Van Buren Family Strategy Meeting (9.2)9.2
19Follow the Leader (9.4)9.4
20Parent Teacher Conference (9.4)9.4
21Role Play (9.3)9.3
22Boobs Boobs Boobs (9.4)9.4
23Cafeteria Baby (9.3)9.3
24State Semi-Finals (9.4)9.4
25State Championship Part 1 (9.4)9.4
26State Championship Part 2 (9.5)9.5
27State Championship Part 3 (9.4)9.4
28State Championship Part 4 (9.6)9.6


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E11Deandra's Arms9.724
1S01E13Prom, Part 29.719
1S01E12Prom, Part 19.618
1S04E11End of the Year Party, Part 29.115
1S04E12End of the Year Party, Part 39.117
1S04E06Cheer Tots9.115
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