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The Newsroom (2012 - 2014)

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01We Just Decided To (9.1)9.1First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers (8.2)8.2Boston (8.8)8.8
02News Night 2.0 (8)8.0The Genoa Tip (8.2)8.2Run (9.1)9.1
03The 112th Congress (8.4)8.4Willie Pete (8.1)8.1Main Justice (8.7)8.7
04I'll Try to Fix You (9)9.0Unintended Consequences (8.4)8.4Contempt (9.1)9.1
05Amen (8.5)8.5News Night with Will McAvoy (8.3)8.3Oh Shenandoah (9.4)9.4
06Bullies (8.6)8.6One Step Too Many (8.1)8.1What Kind of Day Has It Been (9.2)9.2
075/1 (8.5)8.5Red Team III (9.2)9.2
08The Blackout, Part 1: Tragedy Porn (8)8.0Election Night: Part I (8.6)8.6
09The Blackout, Part 2: Mock Debate (8.2)8.2Election Night: Part II (9.1)9.1
10The Greater Fool (8.9)8.9


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E05Oh Shenandoah9.41780
1S03E06What Kind of Day Has It Been9.21546
1S02E07Red Team III9.21419
1S02E06One Step Too Many8.1996
1S01E08The Blackout, Part 1: Tragedy Porn8.01241
1S01E02News Night 2.08.01799
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