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The Outer Limits (1995 - 2002)

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01Sandkings (7.4)7.4A Stitch in Time (8.5)8.5Bits of Love (7.4)7.4Criminal Nature (6.5)6.5Alien Radio (6.8)6.8Judgment Day (7.5)7.5Family Values (7.7)7.7
02Valerie 23 (7.6)7.6Resurrection (7.5)7.5Second Thoughts (6.9)6.9The Hunt (7.8)7.8Donor (6.9)6.9The Gun (6.6)6.6Patient Zero (8.1)8.1
03Blood Brothers (6.5)6.5Unnatural Selection (7)7.0Re-Generation (6.7)6.7Hearts and Minds (7.3)7.3Small Friends (7.4)7.4Skin Deep (7.1)7.1A New Life (7.3)7.3
04The Second Soul (7.1)7.1I Hear You Calling (7)7.0Last Supper (7.2)7.2In Another Life (7)7.0The Grell (7.3)7.3Manifest Destiny (7.1)7.1The Surrogate (7)7.0
05White Light Fever (6.2)6.2Mind Over Matter (7.7)7.7Stream of Consciousness (7.7)7.7In the Zone (6.5)6.5The Other Side (7.5)7.5Breaking Point (7.4)7.4The Vessel (6.7)6.7
06The Choice (6.6)6.6Beyond the Veil (6.8)6.8Dark Rain (7.1)7.1Relativity Theory (7.8)7.8Joyride (6.9)6.9The Beholder (7.2)7.2Mona Lisa (7.5)7.5
07Virtual Future (6.7)6.7First Anniversary (8)8.0The Camp (7.6)7.6Josh (6.8)6.8The Human Operators (8)8.0Seeds of Destruction (6)6.0Replica (7.8)7.8
08Living Hell (6.5)6.5Straight and Narrow (7.4)7.4Heart's Desire (6.7)6.7Rite of Passage (7.3)7.3Blank Slate (7.1)7.1Simon Says (7.5)7.5Think Like a Dinosaur (7.5)7.5
09Corner of the Eye (6.9)6.9Trial by Fire (8.1)8.1Tempests (7.8)7.8Glyphic (7)7.0What Will the Neighbors Think? (6)6.0Stasis (7.3)7.3Alien Shop (7.6)7.6
10Under the Bed (6.5)6.5Worlds Apart (7.1)7.1The Awakening (7.2)7.2Identity Crisis (7)7.0The Shroud (6.3)6.3Down to Earth (6.7)6.7Worlds Within (6.8)6.8
11Dark Matters (6.9)6.9The Refuge (7.9)7.9New Lease (7.5)7.5The Vaccine (7.5)7.5Ripper (7.1)7.1Inner Child (6.5)6.5In the Blood (6.1)6.1
12The Conversion (8)8.0Inconstant Moon (8)8.0Double Helix (7.2)7.2Fear Itself (7.3)7.3Tribunal (8.4)8.4Glitch (7.4)7.4Flower Child (6.8)6.8
13Quality of Mercy (8.3)8.3From Within (7.1)7.1Dead Man's Switch (8.1)8.1The Joining (6.8)6.8Summit (7.7)7.7Decompression (8.1)8.1Free Spirit (6.2)6.2
14The New Breed (8.1)8.1The Heist (6.3)6.3Music of the Spheres (7.3)7.3To Tell the Truth (7.5)7.5Descent (6.4)6.4Abaddon (6.5)6.5Mindreacher (6.9)6.9
15The Voyage Home (7.1)7.1Afterlife (8.4)8.4The Revelations of 'Becka Paulson (6.8)6.8Mary 25 (8)8.0The Haven (7.5)7.5The Grid (6.8)6.8Time to Time (7.3)7.3
16Caught in the Act (7)7.0The Deprogrammers (7.8)7.8Bodies of Evidence (7)7.0Final Exam (8.1)8.1Déjà Vu (7.6)7.6Revival (6.8)6.8Abduction (7.8)7.8
17The Message (7.4)7.4Paradise (7)7.0Feasibility Study (7.9)7.9Lithia (6.5)6.5The Inheritors (6.8)6.8Gettysburg (7.4)7.4Rule of Law (7.4)7.4
18I, Robot (7.6)7.6The Light Brigade (8.2)8.2A Special Edition (6.2)6.2Monster (6.4)6.4Essence of Life (7)7.0Something About Harry (7.3)7.3Lion's Den (6.6)6.6
19If These Walls Could Talk (6.8)6.8Falling Star (7.1)7.1Sarcophagus (7)7.0Stranded (7.2)7.2Zig Zag (6.6)6.6The Tipping Point (6.8)6.8
20Birthright (7.3)7.3Out of Body (6.9)6.9Nightmare (7.3)7.3Fathers & Sons (7.5)7.5Nest (6.4)6.4Dark Child (6.1)6.1
21The Voice of Reason (6.3)6.3Vanishing Act (8.2)8.2Promised Land (7.3)7.3Starcrossed (6.5)6.5Final Appeal (6.7)6.7The Human Factor (6.7)6.7
22The Sentence (8.1)8.1The Balance of Nature (7.3)7.3Better Luck Next Time (6.9)6.9Human Trials (5.8)5.8
23The Origin of Species (6.7)6.7
24Phobos Rising (7.4)7.4
25Black Box (6.2)6.2
26In Our Own Image (6.8)6.8


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E01A Stitch in Time8.5484
1S05E09What Will the Neighbors Think?6.0162
1S06E07Seeds of Destruction6.0136
1S07E22Human Trials5.8107
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