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The Rebel (1959 - 1961)

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01Johnny Yuma (8.2)8.2Johnny Yuma at Appomattox (8.5)8.5
02Judgment (8.3)8.3The Bequest (8.4)8.4
03Yellow Hair (8.2)8.2The Champ (8)8.0
04Vicious Circle (8)8.0The Waiting (8.5)8.5
05Panic (8.5)8.5To See the Elephant (6.7)6.7
06The Scavengers (8)8.0Deathwatch (7.1)7.1
07School Days (7.5)7.5Run, Killer, Run (7.6)7.6
08Dark Secret (8.7)8.7The Hunted (8)8.0
09Misfits (8.3)8.3The Legacy (8.6)8.6
10In Memoriam (8.3)8.3Don Gringo (7.2)7.2
11The Vagrants (8)8.0Explosion (8.2)8.2
12Gun City (6.5)6.5Vindication (8.1)8.1
13The Death of Gray (8.3)8.3The Scalp Hunter (7.5)7.5
14Angry Town (8.2)8.2Berserk (7.3)7.3
15Gold Seeker (7.7)7.7The Hope Chest (8.3)8.3
16Glory (7.5)7.5The Liberators (7.7)7.7
17The Unwanted (7.5)7.5The Guard (8.3)8.3
18The Crime (8)8.0The Promise (8.1)8.1
19Noblesse Oblige (8.1)8.1Jerkwater (8)8.0
20Land (8)8.0Paperback Hero (8.1)8.1
21He's Only a Boy (8.5)8.5The Actress (7.5)7.5
22Take Dead Aim (7.9)7.9The Threat (7.6)7.6
23The Rattler (8.3)8.3The Road to Jericho (8.4)8.4
24You Steal My Eyes (8.2)8.2The Last Drink (7.6)7.6
25Fair Game (8)8.0The Burying of Sammy Hart (7.8)7.8
26Unsurrendered Sword (7.4)7.4The Pit (8.1)8.1
27The Captive of Temblor (7.2)7.2Shriek of Silence (8.2)8.2
28Blind Marriage (7.6)7.6Two Weeks (7.8)7.8
29Absolution (7.3)7.3Miz Purdy (8.2)8.2
30A Grave for Johnny Yuma (7.9)7.9The Ballad of Danny Brown (7.6)7.6
31In Memory of a Son (7.9)7.9The Proxy (7.7)7.7
32Paint a House with Scarlet (7.8)7.8Decision at Sweetwater (8.1)8.1
33Grant of Land (7.9)7.9Helping Hand (8.1)8.1
34Night on a Rainbow (7.6)7.6The Uncourageous (7.9)7.9
35Lady of Quality (7.2)7.2Mission--Varina (8.2)8.2
36The Earl of Durango (7.4)7.4The Calley Kid (7.5)7.5
37Ben White (7.6)7.6
38The Found (6.8)6.8
39The Hostage (7.9)7.9
40The Executioner (8.2)8.2


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E08Dark Secret8.728
1S02E09The Legacy8.625
1S01E21He's Only a Boy8.526
1S02E38The Found6.820
1S02E05To See the Elephant6.719
1S01E12Gun City6.528
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