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The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994 - 1998)

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01The Accident (7.3)7.3The Journal (7.6)7.6The Other Side: Part 1 (7.5)7.5Driving (7.1)7.1
02Hoop War (6.8)6.8Double Bogey (7.1)7.1The Other Side: Part 2 (7.3)7.3Green Day (6.8)6.8
03Shock Value (7.4)7.4New Kid in Town (7.4)7.4Working (7.1)7.1Camping (7.3)7.3
04The Videotape (7.6)7.6The Secret (7.2)7.2Operation: Breakout (6.6)6.6Ashley (7.6)7.6
05School Dance (6.7)6.7Suspect (6.8)6.8The Neighbor (7.4)7.4Oscar (6.6)6.6
06Science Fair (7.5)7.5Pressure (7.3)7.3Images (7.2)7.2Foot Fault (6.9)6.9
07False Alarms (7.6)7.6The Secret World of Ray Alvarado (6.8)6.8Big Ray (7)7.0The Switch (6.6)6.6
08The Feud (7.6)7.6Rat Trap (6.6)6.6New World Order (7.3)7.3The Storm (6)6.0
09Alex and Mom (7.8)7.8Busted (6.7)6.7Bubbling Over (6.9)6.9Leaving (8.2)8.2
10Cold Day in Paradise Valley (7.2)7.2The Gift (7.4)7.4Muckracker (6.6)6.6Senora Garcia (7.2)7.2
11Annie Bails (6.3)6.3Ray Goes to Washington (6.5)6.5Bad Girl (7.3)7.3The Doctor (6.1)6.1
12The Solo (7.4)7.4Trophy Case (7.1)7.1The Understudy (7)7.0The Band (6.7)6.7
13Road Trip (6.9)6.9On the Rocks (6.3)6.3Mystery Man (7.4)7.4Things Change (6.8)6.8
14Saturn (6.2)6.2Chemistry (7.7)7.7The Return (7.2)7.2
15Mack TV (7.3)7.3A Room of Her Own (6.8)6.8Friendly Fire (7)7.0
16The Party (6.9)6.9Spivey (6.3)6.3Lies and Secrets (7)7.0
17Carnival (6.3)6.3Woman of the Year (6.4)6.4Without Feathers (7)7.0
18Local Hero (6.8)6.8Twelve and a Half (6.4)6.424 Hours (6.5)6.5
19World Without Alex (7.5)7.5The Test (7.4)7.4Paradise Lost (8.7)8.7
20Nerve (7)7.0The Creeper (7.9)7.9Paradise Regained (9)9.0
21Triangle (7)7.0
22Friends Like That (6.9)6.9
23BMX (7.2)7.2
24Nightmare in Paradise (6.9)6.9
25Cheers (7)7.0


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S04E20Paradise Regained9.021
1S04E19Paradise Lost8.721
1S04E11The Doctor6.10
1S04E08The Storm6.012
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