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The Simple Life (2003 - 2007)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Ro-Day-O vs. Ro-Dee-O (5.5)5.5The Journey Begins (4.3)4.3Mechanics (3.7)3.7The Nolan Family (3.5)3.5Welcome to Camp Shawnee (6.2)6.2
02Dairy Farmin' Divas (5)5.0Mermaid Outing (4.3)4.3Secretaries (5.1)5.1The Ghauri Family (3.8)3.8Big Primpin' (4.5)4.5
03Sonic Burger Shenanigans (5.4)5.4Nudist Resort (4.2)4.2Airline (5.2)5.2The Weekes Family (3.8)3.8Pageant Girls Just Want to Have Fun (4.1)4.1
04The One About the Rumors (5)5.0Making Sausages (4.3)4.3Mortuary (3.7)3.7The Padilla Family (3.8)3.8Showstoppers (3.8)3.8
05Shopaholics (4.6)4.6Jenny's First Date (3.9)3.9Plastic Surgery (3.6)3.6Bowden Family (3.8)3.8Flirting with Disaster (3.1)3.1
06Boy Crazy (4.6)4.6Dancing Sheep (3.9)3.9Broadcasting (4.5)4.5Murrie Family (4.2)4.2Committed (2.8)2.8
07Goodbye and Good Luck (4.5)4.5Play Ball (4.1)4.1Daycare (4)4.0Contreras Family (4.4)4.4Say Hello to Myke Hawke (4.6)4.6
08The Reunion (3.6)3.6Brand New Look (4.5)4.5Zoo (4.1)4.1Beggs Family (3.7)3.7Babes in the Woods (3.7)3.7
09The Lost Episode (4.3)4.3Deputized (5.1)5.1Bakery (4)4.0Burton Family (3.5)3.5Almost Fame-Less (4.4)4.4
10Back in the Saddle (3.9)3.9Psychic (4)4.0The Confrontation (5.3)5.3Hollywood Ending (4.8)4.8
11The Stuff We Weren't Allowed to Show You (4.3)4.3Nursing Home (4.5)4.5
12Ad Agency (3.9)3.9
13Firefighters (3.6)3.6
14Manufacturing (3.7)3.7
15Wedding Planner (4.4)4.4
16Dentistry (3.6)3.6


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S05E01Welcome to Camp Shawnee6.236
1S01E01Ro-Day-O vs. Ro-Dee-O5.566
1S01E03Sonic Burger Shenanigans5.453
1S04E01The Nolan Family3.527
1S05E05Flirting with Disaster3.119
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