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The Ultimate Fighter (2005 - )

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00Episode dated 23 April 2007 (5)5.0
01The Quest Begins (7.1)7.1A New Crop (6.1)6.1Fresh Meat (6.7)6.7The Comeback Begins (6.1)6.1It's Like Anarchy Here (5.9)5.9Don't You Tap (5.4)5.4No Posers (6.3)6.3Ready to Fight (5.4)5.4Bangers & Mashers (6)6.0Size Does Matter (6)6.0Smashed Up (8.6)8.6Go for It (8.2)8.2Something to Prove (7.6)7.6Scrappers (9.2)9.2The Ultimate Fighter Live Premiere (7.8)7.8Bring It! (7.7)7.7Enter the Octagon (8.5)8.5History in the Making (6.7)6.7The Hurting Game (7.2)7.2Team Melendez vs. Team Pettis: For the Belt (8)8.0Team McGregor vs. Team Faber (8.1)8.1Ladies and Gents (7)7.0The Tournament Begins (8)8.0Episode #25.1 (8.7)8.7A New World Champion (6.3)6.3Good Day for a Fight (7.6)7.6Biggest and Baddest (7.6)7.6
02Team Challenges (6.3)6.3The Teams Are Picked (5.7)5.7The Basketball (6)6.0Blood Bath (5.8)5.8Not in the House (4.3)4.3I Need You, Bro (5)5.0No Losers Here (6.7)6.7Down to Business (5.6)5.6All About Survival (6.1)6.1Well-Played (8.2)8.2Suck It Up (8)8.0I Against I (8.8)8.8Embrace the War (7.8)7.8What We Do (7.8)7.8Ambush (8)8.0Ladies First (7.4)7.4We All Came Here to Fight! (7.8)7.8Battle Lines Drawn (5.3)5.3Team McGregor vs. Team Faber Part II (7.4)7.4Friends and Foes (6.7)6.7Language of Combat (8.5)8.5Eat Some Souls (7.5)7.5Fight! (7.2)7.2Throw Leather (7.7)7.7
03Making Weight (6.8)6.8No Pain, No Grain (5.2)5.2Team Dagger (6.1)6.1Passing Guard (5.9)5.9This Is My Zone (5.8)5.8It's About Character (5.5)5.5The Heebie-Jeebies (6.6)6.6Demons (5.6)5.6The Enemy (5.5)5.5Unleash Hell (8)8.0Death Leprechauns (8.6)8.6Old School vs. New School (7.7)7.7Stick and Move (7.2)7.2Don't Fight Fate (7.5)7.5Setting the Score (5.1)5.1Recognize the Enemy (7.5)7.5Who I Am (6.3)6.3Look Through Your Soul (8)8.0Iron Sharpens Iron (7.7)7.7Time To Shine (7)7.0War Tanks (7.6)7.6
04On the Ropes (6.9)6.9Strategy (6)6.0Hitting It Hard (6)6.0The Funk (5.3)5.3Waah, Waah! (5.4)5.4Get Out of My Face (4.7)4.7Everything to Lose (5.8)5.8Punk (5.3)5.3Snitch (5.5)5.5Love to Hate (8.4)8.4A Bad Dream (7.8)7.8All the Pressure (7.8)7.8Sign of Disrespect (8.2)8.2Use the Force (7)7.0Make a Big Strike (8)8.0Boiling Point (5.1)5.1A Faithless Foe (7.2)7.2Young and Hungry (8)8.0Piece of Us (7.9)7.9The Truth in Me (7.2)7.2A Win is a Win (7.6)7.6
05Un-Caged (6.4)6.4Leave It in the Octagon (5.8)5.8The Truce Is Over (6)6.0Flip-A-Coin (5.6)5.6Put Me Back In (6)6.0Not a Real Fighter (5)5.0Chewbacle (5.7)5.7From Chill to Kill (5.9)5.9Rude Awakening (5.1)5.1Disrespectful (8.6)8.6Episode #13.5 (8.1)8.1Swagger Jacker (8.8)8.8That Miserable Feeling (7)7.0The Reflection of Perfection (8.7)8.7Redemption (6.6)6.6Coming to Get You (8.1)8.1Battle Wounds (5.1)5.1Just Do Something (6.8)6.8Nothing Stops Us (7.9)7.9A Brutal Business (6.9)6.9Feelings Mean Nothing (7.2)7.2Life is a Fight (7.4)7.4
06The Fight Is On (6.3)6.3Slugfest (6.3)6.3The Letter (5.6)5.6Captain Miserable (5.8)5.8All Your Might (5)5.0It's All a Test (4.7)4.7Piece of Meat (5.6)5.6Fight, Fight, Kill, Kill (4)4.016 Sharks (6.2)6.2Win or Die (8.4)8.4Episode #13.6 (8)8.0Path to Greatness (8.2)8.2Little Princesses (7.6)7.6Give It All You Have (7.6)7.6Fight Through the Pain (5.5)5.5Snake in the Grass (7.9)7.9Let It Loose (7.7)7.7Let Me Bang! (7.3)7.3Predator (7.2)7.2Comfortable with the Uncomfortable (7.2)7.2
07Ground and Pound (6.6)6.6No Respect (4.9)4.9Mohawk (5.8)5.8Drop to a Knee (6)6.0Be the General (5.2)5.2The Game Plan (5.2)5.2Under the Radar (5.8)5.8Body Bag (3.8)3.8Voices in My Head (6.5)6.5Second Chance (8.4)8.4Episode #13.7 (8)8.0Risk It All (7.2)7.2Eyes on the Prize (5.3)5.3Mental Breakdown (7)7.0Animal Instincts (7.7)7.7Dark Horse (7.6)7.6Enjoy the Moment (7.2)7.2I Never Have Fear (7.6)7.6
08Sprawl 'N Brawl (6.5)6.5Knees and Elbows (5.5)5.5The Fuse Is Lit (5.9)5.9True Colors (5.4)5.4Not on the Concrete (5.4)5.4War Machine (5)5.0Mean and Nasty (5.8)5.8Splushi (5)5.0One Soldier Left (6.2)6.2Closed Mouth Don't Get Fed (8.4)8.4Kos in a Commotion (8.8)8.8Episode #13.8 (7.8)7.8Don't Do This at Home, Kids (8.8)8.8Tied (6.9)6.9Scrapettes (7)7.0Lightning Strikes Twice (5.3)5.3Heart Is Not Enough (7.4)7.4Kryptonite (6.9)6.9Sink or Swim (7.2)7.2Be first to be last (7.6)7.6
09Low Blow (6.3)6.3Mental Game (5.3)5.3The Golden Boy (6.4)6.4Semi-Final Match-Ups (5.8)5.8It Was a Brawl (5.6)5.6Karma (4.8)4.8Throwin' Bombs (5.6)5.6Hurts Like Hell (3.4)3.4Rattled (6.2)6.2Personal (9)9.0Episode #13.9 (8)8.0Get Me to the Finals (8.4)8.4The Wild Card (8.2)8.2Sacrifice (6)6.0Don't Talk to Me (6)6.0No Guts, No Glory (5.3)5.3Bullseye (6.9)6.9Killashaw (7.1)7.1The Fight Gods (7.2)7.2Act Like a Professional (7.6)7.6
10Middleweight Semifinal 1 (6.4)6.4Killer Instinct (5.9)5.9Full House (6.4)6.4Carter vs. Serra (6.2)6.2Traitor (5)5.0Nothing to Lose (5)5.0Losers Go Home (5.8)5.8Fire the Cannons (3.8)3.8Gut Check (6.3)6.3Spinning Tornado (8.4)8.4Episode #13.10 (8.2)8.2It's About to Go Down (8.6)8.6HWPO (7.4)7.4Fighting for Themselves (6.6)6.6Do or Die (5.5)5.5Nice and Flowy (6.8)6.8Time to Smash (7.2)7.2Make it a Fight (7.2)7.2
11Middleweight Semifinal 2 (6.1)6.1Heavyweight Semi-Final 1 (6.2)6.2The Jungle (6.3)6.3Lutter vs. Sell (5.4)5.4I Humbly Apologize (5)5.0Upper Decker (5.3)5.3Make Him Pay (5.3)5.3Road to the Finale (6.5)6.5The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale (7.4)7.4The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale (8.5)8.5The Ultimate Fighter 17 Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen: Vicious (8.2)8.2One Punch Away (6.7)6.7Best Job in the World (7.6)7.6Pushing the Limits (5.5)5.5Bone on Bone (7.6)7.6Embrace the Snake (8)8.0A Will to Win (7.7)7.7
12Light Heavyweight Semi-Finals (6.9)6.9Semi-Finals 3 & 4: Countdown (5.5)5.5Bangin' (6.4)6.4Dewees vs. Cote (6)6.0Gave a Hundred (5.4)5.4Do You Want This Fight? (5.9)5.9Three Strikes (6)6.0Ultimate Finale (7)7.0The Semis (7.8)7.8Aiming for the Top (6.7)6.7Showdown (5.3)5.3Here for Myself (6.8)6.8The Winner's Circle (7.7)7.7
13Ultimate Finale (8.4)8.4Ultimate Finale II (7.5)7.5Ultimate Finale III (6.9)6.9Ultimate Finale IV (6.7)6.7Ultimate Finale V (5.9)5.9The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale (6.4)6.4Ultimate Finale (5.6)5.6Live Season Finale (6.3)6.3The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale (6.9)6.9The Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale (8)8.0The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale (8.4)8.4TUF 18 Finale (6.4)6.4The Ultimate Fighter: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn Live Finale (6.8)6.8The Ultimate Fighter: American Top Team vs. Blackzilians Finale (5.6)5.6The Ultimate Fighter: Redemption Finale (7.6)7.6The.Ultimate.Fighter.26.Finale.A.New.World.Champion.Finale (7.4)7.4The Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated finale (6.8)6.8The Ultimate Fighter 28 Finale (6.4)6.4


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1S14E05Swagger Jacker8.80
1S08E10Fire the Cannons3.80
1S08E07Body Bag3.80
1S08E09Hurts Like Hell3.40
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