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The Wednesday Play (1964 - 1970)

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Show RatingShow Title
001Catch as Catch Can (5)5.0
003In Camera (7.5)7.5
004Pale Horse, Pale Rider (7.2)7.2
013Fable (7.3)7.3
017The Confidence Course (8.3)8.3
019Horror of Darkness (7.2)7.2
0233 Clear Sundays (7.4)7.4
034Alice (7.7)7.7
037Up the Junction (7.1)7.1
038The Trial and Torture of Sir John Rampayne (7.1)7.1
039The End of Arthur's Marriage (6.3)6.3
042Stand Up, Nigel Barton (8)8.0
043Vote, Vote, Vote for Nigel Barton (7.9)7.9
045The Bone Yard (6.9)6.9
050Who's a Good Boy Then? (8.9)8.9
060The Connoisseur (7.6)7.6
062Ape and Essence (6.8)6.8
070Where the Buffalo Roam (7.9)7.9
072Cathy Come Home (8)8.0
077The Mayfly and the Frog (7)7.0
081The Lump (8.4)8.4
084Days in the Trees (6.7)6.7
085In Two Minds (7.4)7.4
093Message for Posterity (9.1)9.1
100Pitchi Poi (8.9)8.9
113The Drummer and the Bloke (7)7.0
117Let's Murder Vivaldi (9.1)9.1
118The Golden Vision (8.3)8.3
123The Gorge (8.4)8.4
132A Beast with Two Backs (7.4)7.4
133On the Eve of Publication (7.9)7.9
137The Apprentices (8.2)8.2
139The Big Flame (7.5)7.5
144Son of Man (8.2)8.2
147The Last Train through Harecastle Tunnel (6.7)6.7
150Close the Coalhouse Door (8.5)8.5
153Happy (6.6)6.6
155Double Bill: The Compartment/Playmates (7)7.0
157The Vortex (7)7.0
159Season of the Witch (7)7.0
162Mad Jack (8.2)8.2
167No Trams to Lime Street (7.8)7.8
169Sovereign's Company (7)7.0
170Emma's Time (9)9.0


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E093Message for Posterity9.112
1S01E117Let's Murder Vivaldi9.10
1S01E170Emma's Time9.00
1S01E039The End of Arthur's Marriage6.339
1S01E001Catch as Catch Can5.00
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