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The White Shadow (1978 - 1981)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Pilot (7.6)7.6On the Line (7.8)7.8Reunion: Part 1 (6.9)6.9
02Here's Mud in Your Eye (7.7)7.7Albert Hodges (7.9)7.9Reunion: Part 2 (7.8)7.8
03The Offer (8)8.0The Cross-Town Hustle (6.9)6.9Georgia on My Mind (7.1)7.1
04Bonus Baby (7.7)7.7Sudden Death (7.9)7.9If Your Number's Up, Get It Down (7.1)7.1
05Pregnant Pause (7.2)7.2A Silent Cheer (7.2)7.2Christmas Story (5.8)5.8
06Wanna Bet? (8.1)8.1No Place Like Home (7)7.0No Blood, No Foul (7.5)7.5
07That Old Gang of Mine (6.8)6.8Globetrotters (7.1)7.1The Vanity Fare (6.3)6.3
08One of the Boys (7.6)7.6Me? (7.2)7.2Mister Hero (5.2)5.2
09Airball (6.8)6.8Needle (7.6)7.6B.M.O.C. (7)7.0
10We're in the Money (6.8)6.8Sliding By (7.5)7.5Trial and Error (6.8)6.8
11Spare the Rod (8.2)8.2Delores, of Course (8.1)8.1Car Repo (7.6)7.6
12The Great White Dope (7.2)7.2A Christmas Present (6.9)6.9Psyched Out (7.2)7.2
13Mainstream (6.1)6.1Feeling No Pain (7.2)7.2Cops (6.9)6.9
14Little Orphan Abner (7.6)7.6Artist (7.3)7.3Burnout (7.5)7.5
15LeGrande Finale (7.7)7.7Salami's Affair (7.4)7.4A Day in the Life (7.8)7.8
16Links (7.1)7.1
17The Stripper (6.1)6.1
18Gonna Fly Now (6.8)6.8
19Out at Home (6.4)6.4
20The Russians Are Coming (7.6)7.6
21The Hitter (7.8)7.8
22The Death of Me Yet? (7.4)7.4
23Coolidge Goes Hollywood (6.2)6.2
24A Few Good Men (7)7.0


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E11Spare the Rod8.224
1S01E06Wanna Bet?8.127
1S02E11Delores, of Course8.116
1S03E05Christmas Story5.811
1S03E08Mister Hero5.20
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