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Thriller (1973 - 1976)

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01Lady Killer (7)7.0Only a Scream Away (6.7)6.7A Coffin for the Bride (8.2)8.2Screamer (6.7)6.7If It's a Man, Hang Up (7.2)7.2Sleepwalker (7.1)7.1
02Possession (6.7)6.7Once the Killing Starts (7.1)7.1I'm the Girl He Wants to Kill (7.5)7.5Nurse Will Make It Better (7)7.0The Double Kill (7.7)7.7The Next Victim (6.4)6.4
03Someone at the Top of the Stairs (7.4)7.4The Savage Curse (6.6)6.6Murder Is a One-Act Play (6.3)6.3Murder on the Midnight Express (6.4)6.4Terror from Within (6.3)6.3Nightmare for a Nightingale (5.7)5.7
04Anatomy of Terror (6.4)6.4One Deadly Owner (6.7)6.7In the Steps of a Dead Man (7.4)7.4A Killer with Two Faces (6.5)6.5Fear Is Spreading (7.6)7.6Dial a Deadly Number (6.9)6.9
05The Carnation Killer (7.4)7.4Death in Small Doses (7.3)7.3Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are (7.5)7.5A Killer in Every Corner (6.9)6.9Mirror of Deception (6.7)6.7Cry Terror (6.2)6.2
06Murder in Mind (6.4)6.4Color Him Dead (5.4)5.4Not Guilty! (7)7.0Where the Action Is (7)7.0Look Back in Happiness (6.9)6.9A Midsummer Nightmare (6.9)6.9
07A Place to Die (7)7.0Sign It Death (7.2)7.2Murder Motel (5.9)5.9Death in Deep Water (6.9)6.9
08File It Under Fear (7.5)7.5
09The Eyes Have It (7.1)7.1
10Spell of Evil (6.7)6.7


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E01A Coffin for the Bride8.2193
1S05E02The Double Kill7.7108
1S05E04Fear Is Spreading7.689
1S05E07Murder Motel5.9100
1S06E03Nightmare for a Nightingale5.774
1S02E06Color Him Dead5.4113
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