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Tosh.0 (2009 - )

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00Tosh.0 Dirty Half Dozen (8.3)8.3
01Afro Ninja (7.4)7.4David After Dentist (7.7)7.7Bed Intruder (8)8.0How to Get European Men (7.7)7.7Gingers Have Souls (7.7)7.7We Buy Golf (6.8)6.8Puke Drummer (7)7.0Pixee Fox (7)7.0Nut Shot Zach (7.2)7.2Lili Hayes (7.2)7.2Hard Rock Nick (7.1)7.1RIP Castro (7.3)7.3And Your Mom (8.3)8.3
02Miss Teen South Carolina (7.4)7.4Crystal Light Dancers (Reunion) (7.1)7.1Brian Atene (7.2)7.2How to Draw Guy (7.7)7.7X12 (CeWEBrity Profile) (7.7)7.7IceJJFish (6.7)6.7Buckcherry Wedding (6.9)6.9Fart Porn (6.6)6.6Drone Wife Cheat (7.4)7.4Bear Attack (7.4)7.4Tirdy Works (7.1)7.1Rebecca Black (6.2)6.2
03News Puke Kid (7.1)7.1Risky Business Girls (8.1)8.1Ice Cream Truck Guy (7.7)7.7Haboob Wedding (7.7)7.7The Oscars Spoiler Alerts (7.7)7.7Take No Orders (6.7)6.7Monster Energy (6.9)6.9Tree Fall Kid (7.3)7.3Blind Film Critic (7.7)7.7Windgoe (7.7)7.7Pony Play (7.1)7.1Trap Gardener (6.3)6.3
04Scarlet Takes a Tumble (7.3)7.3Football Player Tackles His Teammate (7)7.0National Anthem Fail Girl (7.8)7.8Mustang Kid (7.8)7.8Courtroom Cock Guy (7.5)7.5Ben's Video Resume (6.3)6.3Shoenice (7.5)7.5Food Reviewer (7.4)7.4Spiritual Tasha Mama (7.7)7.7Ticket Girl (7.6)7.6Energy Drink Reviewer (7.2)7.2Cat Food Reviewer (6.1)6.1
05Leave Britney Alone! (7.4)7.4The Average Homeboy (7.8)7.8Evolution of Dance Guy (Dance-Off) (7.4)7.4Bad Breakdancer (8)8.0Ventriloquist Fail (7.5)7.5Boomer the Dog (6.6)6.6Jackie B. (7)7.0Men's Rights Lawyer (7.1)7.1Mark 5 (7)7.0Rhoda on the Scene (7.2)7.2Vape Bros (7.3)7.3Bodybuilder Vs. (7)7.0
06Billoon45 (7.8)7.8Prom Girl (7.4)7.4Crying Wrestling Fan (7.2)7.2Worst Sketch (Sketchdemption) (7.3)7.3Fat Bottle Ninja (7.5)7.5Model Teacher (7.5)7.5Sting Wrestling Fan (7.2)7.2Mini Bike Jump (7)7.0Blix the Merman (7.4)7.4Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire (7.7)7.7Sneeze Guy (7)7.0Popstar Nima (5)5.0
07Worst Best Man Speech (7)7.0Hoodrat Kid (7.5)7.5Hurdle Fail Girls (Rematch) (7.5)7.5Parkour Girl (7.4)7.4The Illusion (CeWEBrity Profile) (7.2)7.2Prancing Elites (6.6)6.6Atheist in a Foxhole (7.2)7.2Rich Piana (7.3)7.3Forever Leather (7.3)7.3Cussing Preacher (7.4)7.4Big Arms Guy (7.2)7.2Rax Roast Beef Guy (5.2)5.2
08Reh Dogg (7.5)7.5Make It Snow Girl (7.8)7.8Foul Ball Couple (7.5)7.5MMA Girl Chokes Out Guy (Rematch) (7.9)7.9LP Theories (7)7.0Comedian Daniel Songer (7.2)7.2RC Car (7)7.0Pee Lady (7.2)7.2Buff Correll (6.8)6.8Knee Shred Girl (7.6)7.6Mom-Son Sex Podcast (7.6)7.6Nill the Cat (5.1)5.1
09Drunk Dunk (7.3)7.3Phillies Fan's Daughter (7.6)7.6Phil Davison (7.3)7.3Cliff Jumper (7.3)7.3Plus Size Model (7.5)7.5Misses Every Layup (7)7.0Sign Spinner (7)7.0Catcaller (7.2)7.2Jedi Realist (7)7.0Mr. E's Life Hacks (7.7)7.7Golf Girl Trick Shots (7)7.0Ruairi Rap Reviews (6.6)6.6
10Skateboard Girl (7.6)7.6Lightning Bolt LARPer (7.6)7.6Board Breaker (7.4)7.4Results of the Memorabilia Dump (7.6)7.6BK Chicken Fries (7.2)7.2Roof Jump (7.1)7.1Girl Dunks (7)7.0Yotta Life (7.2)7.2Football-To-The-Face Girl (7)7.0Woah Vicky (7.7)7.7ToshCon: Where Are They Now? (7.5)7.5The Masked Cewebrity Singer (5.4)5.4
11Tron Guy (7.2)7.2Look at That Horse Guy (7.4)7.4Tay Zonday (7.6)7.6Smell Yo Dick (7.6)7.6Hey Baby Girl (7.3)7.3Spoken Word Fail (6.7)6.7Glow Stick Guy (7.1)7.1Hillary Clinton Supporter (7.2)7.2Ricky Berwick (6.7)6.7Web Redemption Reunion Spectacular (7.8)7.8SteveWillDoIt (7.4)7.4
12Backyard Wrestler (7.3)7.3What What in the Butt (Remix) (7.7)7.7Boom Goes the Dynamite Guy (7.5)7.5Skateboarder Hit by Truck (7.4)7.4Fired for Being Too Hot (7.5)7.5Banned from Walmart (6.9)6.9Fedora Hero Saves Eggs (7.3)7.3Dr. Pimple Popper (7)7.0Golf Fight (7)7.0Mack the Trans Wrestler (7.3)7.3Brother K (7.3)7.3
13Crying Giants Fan (7.4)7.4Stuck in an Elevator (7.7)7.7The Naked Wizard (8.1)8.1Pepper Spray Guy (7.7)7.7Pussy Power: CeWEBrity Profile (7.5)7.5Nana Nana Subaru Winner (7)7.0High School Football Fan (7.5)7.5Queenzflip (7.1)7.1Arrested for Pranks (7.6)7.6Paul Flart (7.5)7.5"I Eat Ass" Free Speech Defender (7.3)7.3
14Nintendo 64 Kid (7.2)7.2Cartwheeling Goalie (7.7)7.7Bug in Mouth Reporter (7.8)7.8Spelling Bee Kid (8.1)8.1Tonetta (CeWEBrity Profile) (7.2)7.2Space Shuttle Launch (7.3)7.3How to Give a BJ (7.1)7.1Tiamat the Dragon (7.3)7.3Singing Math Teacher (7.1)7.1Naked Hanging Artist (7.4)7.4Misha (7.5)7.5
15Trampled Cheerleader (7.4)7.4Looking for a Girlfriend (7.7)7.7Cheerleader Fail (7.7)7.7How to Flirt Guy (7.4)7.4Nerf Dunker (30 For 30.0) (7)7.0Perfect Game Bowler (7.3)7.3Where Are They Now? Pt. 3 (7.5)7.5Bubble Hat (7.2)7.2On Da River (7.3)7.3Flat Earth Rocket Man (7.5)7.5BarSoap Guy (6.9)6.9
16Ladder Fail Guy (7.1)7.1WoW Freakout Kid (Investigation) (7.8)7.8Metal Club (7.6)7.6Bubb Rubb (7.1)7.1Furries Kid (7.2)7.2Summertime Is Great (7.6)7.6Angelo Garcia, He-Man (7)7.0Bond Girl (7.7)7.7Larry Enticer (7.6)7.6Crying Mukbanger (7.5)7.5Burping Girl (5.4)5.4
17World's Worst Comedian (8.1)8.1Fart Bus Kid (7.8)7.8Juggalo Kid (7.7)7.7USA Chant Fail (7.4)7.4Lingerie Football Coach (7.5)7.5Welven Da Great (7.1)7.1Three Cheese (7.2)7.2Breatharian (7.1)7.1Deafies in Drag (7)7.0Super Bitch (6.8)6.8
18Awful Weatherman (8)8.0Philly Taze Fan (7.5)7.5Army Mom Prank (7.9)7.9Lohanthony (CeWEBrity Profile) (7.1)7.1Bryan Silva (Gratata) (7.4)7.4Car Jump Kid (7.2)7.2Sex Doll Repairman (7.3)7.3Long Leg Girl (7)7.0Adrenaline Junkie Chase (7.4)7.4Pot Brothers At Law (7)7.0
19Peter Pan Fail Girls (7.7)7.7Drunk Knock-Out (Rematch) (7.7)7.7Rock Climber Pooed Pants (7.4)7.4DJ Decimal Point (7.4)7.4Dog Trainer (7.6)7.6Annie Don't Fall (7.4)7.4Climate Change Comedian (7.5)7.5UCF Baseball Player (6.6)6.6One Hole or Two (7.2)7.2Dumped Wife's Revenge (7.5)7.5
20Angry Black Preacher (7.7)7.7Tosh.0 Marathon (8.2)8.2Banana Sprite Challenge: Regurgitation (7.7)7.7Life Savings for a Rasta Banana (7.4)7.4Dumped by Sweetheart (7.4)7.4Vegan Guy (7.1)7.1Redemption Reunion Spectacular: Where Are They Now? Pt. 4 (7.4)7.4Tosh.Oh That's What They're Up to Now Pt. 5 (6.9)6.9Shot Girl (6.4)6.42019 Year in Review (7.2)7.2
21American Idol Girls (7.7)7.7Leprechaun in Mobile (Investigation) (7.7)7.7Boy in Black Face (7.6)7.6Force Field Master (7)7.0Weightlifting (7.5)7.5Rifle Kid (7)7.0Anesthesia Girl (7.5)7.5Zakar Twins (6.8)6.8
22Double Rainbow Guy (Retreat) (7.6)7.6Eli Porter (8.1)8.1Krispy Kreme (Exclusive Interview) (7.5)7.5Competitive Sushi Eater (7.1)7.1The Family Friendly Episode (7.6)7.6Ladies' Night: A Female Empowerment Episode (7.2)7.2Randalin the Pawg (7.5)7.5Chop and Steele (7.2)7.2
23I Like Turtles Kid (7.9)7.9Surfer Fail (7.8)7.8Sweet Brown (7.6)7.6Redemption Reunion Spectacular: Where Are They Now? (7)7.0Redneck Rappers (7.2)7.2Kitten Play (7.3)7.3Free Stud Service (7.3)7.3Tourette's Comedian (7.4)7.4
24Reporter Who Can't Break Glass (7.3)7.3Redneck Stuntman (8)8.0Tisha UnArmed (Cewebrity Profile) (7.7)7.7Headbanger Workout (7.4)7.4Where Are They Now (Again)? (7.3)7.3Samurai Nose (7.3)7.3Super Humman Stuntman (7)7.0Spidergirl (7.3)7.3
25Season 2 Web Reflections (6.7)6.7Brad the Actor (7.8)7.8Male Cheerleader (7.7)7.7How to Teach Kid (7.5)7.5Kayak (7)7.0Tosh Memorabilia Auction #2 (7.2)7.2Food Surgeon (7.2)7.2Nino Brown (7.4)7.4
26Shrooms Guy (Intervention) (7.8)7.8Bryan Adams Guy (7.6)7.6Security Officer Jay (7.4)7.4Date Camp (7.5)7.5Elephant Lady (7.2)7.2Bong Lord (7.3)7.3
27Magician Fail (7.5)7.5Girl Scout Thieves (7.7)7.7Happy Birthday Katie (7.1)7.1Gay Restaurant (7.5)7.5Catfish Cooley (6.9)6.9Tosh.0-lection Special (7.3)7.3Lactatia (6.4)6.4
28Face Bumper Smash (7.7)7.7Taxi Dave (7.5)7.5Bad Impressions (6.9)6.9Wheel of Fortune (6.8)6.8Possum Lady (7.5)7.5Makeup Jake (7.3)7.3Mississippi State Fan (7.5)7.5
29I Just Shot Myself (7.6)7.6Virgin Trampoline Jumper (7)7.0Ostomy Bag Girl (CeWEBrity Profile) (7.4)7.4Black Santa (6.8)6.8Arm Wrestle Break (7.6)7.6Kate's Food Challenge (7.7)7.7ASMR Thanksgiving (7.4)7.4
30Season 3 Web Reflection (7.4)7.4Season 4 Web Reflection (6.8)6.8Season 5 Web Reflection (7.1)7.1The Best of Season 6 (7)7.0The Best of Season 7 (6.7)6.7The Best of Season 8 (7.5)7.5Best of Season 9 (7.1)7.1
31Episode #9.31 (7.8)7.8


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1SUnknoE00Tosh.0 Dirty Half Dozen8.30
1SUnknoE01And Your Mom8.30
1S03E20Tosh.0 Marathon8.244
1S12E07Rax Roast Beef Guy5.223
1S12E08Nill the Cat5.123
1S12E06Popstar Nima5.025
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