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Transformers: Animated (2007 - 2009)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Transform and Roll Out!: Part One (7.3)7.3The Elite Guard (8.1)8.1TransWarped: Part One (8.2)8.2
02Transform and Roll Out!: Part Two (7.3)7.3The Return of the Headmaster (7.6)7.6TransWarped: Part Two (8.6)8.6
03Transform and Roll Out!: Part Three (7.5)7.5Mission Accomplished (8.5)8.5TransWarped: Part Three (8.6)8.6
04Home Is Where the Spark Is (7.1)7.1Garbage in, Garbage out (8.1)8.1Three's a Crowd (6.7)6.7
05Total Meltdown (6.7)6.7Velocity (7.1)7.1Where Is Thy Sting? (8.2)8.2
06Blast from the Past (7.3)7.3Rise of the Constructicons (7.6)7.6Five Servos of Doom (8.8)8.8
07The Thrill of the Hunt (7.7)7.7A Fistful of Energon (8.6)8.6Predacons Rising (8.6)8.6
08Nanosec (6.9)6.9S.U.V.: Society of Ultimate Villainy (7.2)7.2Human Error: Part I (7.7)7.7
09Along Came a Spider (8.3)8.3Autoboot Camp (8.4)8.4Human Error: Part II (7.8)7.8
10Sound and Fury (7.7)7.7Black Friday (8)8.0Decepticon Air (8.2)8.2
11Lost and Found (8.1)8.1Sari, No One's Home (7.3)7.3This Is Why I Hate Machines (8.4)8.4
12Survival of the Fittest (7.5)7.5A Bridge Too Close: Part I (8.8)8.8Endgame: Part I (8.8)8.8
13Headmaster (6.7)6.7A Bridge Too Close: Part II (8.7)8.7Endgame: Part II (9)9.0
14Nature Calls (7.6)7.6
15Megatron Rising: Part 1 (8.7)8.7
16Megatron Rising: Part 2 (8.8)8.8


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E13Endgame: Part II9.030
1S01E16Megatron Rising: Part 28.832
1S03E12Endgame: Part I8.825
1S01E05Total Meltdown6.734
1S03E04Three's a Crowd6.723
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