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True Jackson, VP (2008 - 2011)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Pilot (6.1)6.1True Concert (7.1)7.1True Luck (6)6.0
02Firing Lulu (6.2)6.2Flirting with Fame (7.1)7.1The Fifth of Prankuary (5.7)5.7
03Babysitting Dakota (6.9)6.9True Parade (6.6)6.6Mad Rocks (6.5)6.5
04Ryan on Wheels (7.4)7.4True Drama (8.2)8.2True Secret (6)6.0
05Telling Amanda (6.4)6.4My Boss Ate My Homework (7.4)7.4Class Election (6.2)6.2
06The Prototype (7.6)7.6Little Buddies (6.7)6.7True Drive (6.1)6.1
07ReTRUEnion (6.3)6.3True Valentine (7.4)7.4True Disaster (6.4)6.4
08True Takes Iceland (7.9)7.9True Date (6.7)6.7True Fame (6.2)6.2
09True Matchmaker (7.3)7.3The Hunky Librarian (6.3)6.3Field Trip (6.8)6.8
10The Rival (6.3)6.3Saving Snackleberry (6.1)6.1Principal for a Day (6.5)6.5
11Company Retreat (6.8)6.8Up All Night (7.2)7.2True Mall (6.4)6.4
12Keeping Tabs (8.1)8.1The Gift (5.1)5.1Ditch Day (6.8)6.8
13Red Carpet (7.6)7.6True Royal (7.5)7.5Mystery in Peru (8.1)8.1
14Switcheroo (7.8)7.8True Fear (6.9)6.9
15True Intrigue (5.6)5.6The Reject Room (6.7)6.7
16Amanda Hires a Pink (7.4)7.4Trapped in Paris (7.7)7.7
17Max Mannequin (7.2)7.2Heatwave (6.3)6.3
18True's New Assistant (6.8)6.8True Magic (7)7.0
19House Party (7.4)7.4
20Back to School (7.5)7.5
21Fashion Week (7.3)7.3
22True Crush (7.1)7.1
23The Hotshot (6.8)6.8
24The Wedding (7)7.0
25The Dance (6.9)6.9


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E04True Drama8.220
1S03E13Mystery in Peru8.123
1S01E12Keeping Tabs8.119
1S03E02The Fifth of Prankuary5.712
1S01E15True Intrigue5.614
1S02E12The Gift5.115
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