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Wizards of Waverly Place (2007 - 2012)

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01The Crazy 10 Minute Sale (7.1)7.1Smarty Pants (7.1)7.1Franken-Girl (7)7.0Alex Tells the World (7.6)7.6
02First Kiss (7.6)7.6Beware Wolf (6.7)6.7Halloween (6.7)6.7Alex Gives Up (6.8)6.8
03I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain (7.3)7.3Graphic Novel (6.8)6.8Monster Hunter (6.9)6.9Lucky Charmed (6.9)6.9
04New Employee (6.9)6.9Racing (7.1)7.1Three Monsters (6.8)6.8Journey to the Center of Mason (6.7)6.7
05Disenchanted Evening (7)7.0Alex's Brother Maximan (6.9)6.9Night at the Lazerama (6.7)6.7Three Maxes and a Little Lady (7)7.0
06You Can't Always Get What You Carpet (7)7.0Saving Wiz Tech: Part 1 (7.3)7.3Doll House (6.9)6.9Daddy's Little Girl (6.6)6.6
07Alex's Choice (7.1)7.1Saving Wiz Tech: Part 2 (7.2)7.2Marathoner Helper (6.6)6.6Everything's Rosie for Justin (6.8)6.8
08Curb Your Dragon (6.8)6.8Harper Knows (7.6)7.6Alex Charms a Boy (7.1)7.1Dancing with Angels (6.9)6.9
09Movies (7.4)7.4Taxi Dance (6.9)6.9Wizards vs. Werewolves (7.8)7.8Wizards vs. Angels (7.5)7.5
10Pop Me and We Both Go Down (6.5)6.5Baby Cupid (7)7.0Positive Alex (7)7.0Back to Max (6.6)6.6
11Potion Commotion (7.1)7.1Make It Happen (7.5)7.5Detention Election (6.8)6.8Zeke Finds Out (7.2)7.2
12Little Sister (7.5)7.5Fairy Tale (6.8)6.8Dude Looks Like Shakira (7)7.0Magic Unmasked (6.5)6.5
13Wizard School: Part 1 (7.3)7.3Fashion Week (7.2)7.2Eat to the Beat (5.8)5.8Meet the Werewolves (6.5)6.5
14Wizard School: Part 2 (7.3)7.3Helping Hand (7.1)7.1Third Wheel (6.7)6.7Beast Tamer (6.7)6.7
15The Supernatural (7.2)7.2Art Teacher (7.2)7.2The Good, the Bad, and the Alex (6.8)6.8Wizard of the Year (6.9)6.9
16Alex in the Middle (6.9)6.9Future Harper (7.5)7.5Western Show (7)7.0Misfortune at the Beach (7)7.0
17Report Card (7.1)7.1Alex Does Good (7.1)7.1Alex's Logo (6.8)6.8Wizards vs. Asteroid (6.5)6.5
18Credit Check (7.1)7.1Hugh's Not Normous (6.7)6.7Dad's Buggin' Out (5.8)5.8Justin's Back In (7.4)7.4
19Alex's Spring Fling (7.3)7.3Don't Rain on Justin's Parade - Earth (7.2)7.2Max's Secret Girlfriend (6.8)6.8Alex the Puppetmaster (7.2)7.2
20Quinceanera (7.6)7.6Family Game Night (7.9)7.9Alex Russo, Matchmaker? (7.2)7.2My Two Harpers (7.2)7.2
21Art Museum Piece (7.2)7.2Justin's New Girlfriend (7.4)7.4Delinquent Justin (7.6)7.6Wizards of Apartment 13B (7.1)7.1
22My Tutor, Tutor (7.1)7.1Captain Jim Bob Sherwood (7.1)7.1Ghost Roommate (6.4)6.4
23Paint by Committee (6.6)6.6Wizards vs. Finkles (6.9)6.9Get Along, Little Zombie (6.5)6.5
24Wizard for a Day (6.9)6.9All About You-Niverse (6.5)6.5Wizards vs. Everything (7.2)7.2
25Cast-Away (to Another Show) (7.5)7.5Uncle Ernesto (6.5)6.5Rock Around the Clock (7.5)7.5
26Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place (7.7)7.7Moving On (7)7.0Harperella (6.6)6.6
27Wizards vs. Vampires: Tasty Bites (7.5)7.5Alex Saves Mason (Wizards Unleashed) (7.1)7.1Who Will Be the Family Wizard? (8.2)8.2
28Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date (7.1)7.1Wizards Exposed (7.5)7.5
29Wizards & Vampires vs. Zombies (7.2)7.2
30Retest (7.2)7.2


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S04E27Who Will Be the Family Wizard?8.2358
1S02E20Family Game Night7.9131
1S03E09Wizards vs. Werewolves7.8179
1S04E22Ghost Roommate6.4108
1S03E18Dad's Buggin' Out5.8100
1S03E13Eat to the Beat5.8112
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