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Wolfblood (2012 - 2017)

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00The Scapegoat (8.8)8.8
01Lone Wolf (7.7)7.7Leader of the Pack (9)9.0Ulterior Motives (8.8)8.8Captivity (8.1)8.1Brave New World (8.6)8.6
02Mysterious Developments (8.3)8.3The Girl from Nowhere (8.2)8.2Alpha Material (8.3)8.3A Long Way from Home (8.2)8.2The Once and Future Alpha (7.8)7.8
03Family Ties (8.3)8.3Grave Consequences (8)8.0With Friends Like These (8)8.0Wolfblood Ultimatum (8.1)8.1The Dawnus Torc (8.1)8.1
04Cry Wolf (8.4)8.4Total Eclipse of the Moon (8.2)8.2Wolfblood Is Thicker Than Water (8.2)8.2Morwal (8.1)8.1The Shadow in the Light (8.2)8.2
05Occam's Razor (8.4)8.4Ancient Grudge (8.1)8.1The Dark Ages (8.1)8.1The Quiet Hero (7.9)7.9Humans (8.2)8.2
06Maddy Cool! (8.4)8.4Mottled Poppy (8.6)8.6Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (7.9)7.9She-Wolf (7.8)7.8The Last Dark Moon (8.5)8.5
07Dark Moon (8.3)8.3Top Dog (8.6)8.6Wolves Amongst Us (7.9)7.9Sheep's Clothing (7.9)7.9Torn (8.3)8.3
08Wolfsbane (8.3)8.3Desperate Measures (8.4)8.4Dark of the Rune (8.2)8.2Where Wolf (8.1)8.1The One Who Sees (7.9)7.9
09A Quiet Night In (8.4)8.4Dances with Wolfbloods (9)9.0The Cure (7.8)7.8Into the Wild (7.8)7.8The War with the Humans (8.5)8.5
10The Call of the Wild (8.5)8.5Fall of the Wild (8.5)8.5The Cult of Tom (8.2)8.2The Wild at Heart (7.9)7.9United We Stand (8.8)8.8
11Eolas (8.5)8.5Best of Both Worlds (8.6)8.6The Suspicions of Mr Jeffries (8.1)8.1Viral (8.2)8.2
12Caged (8.4)8.4Going Underground (8.8)8.8Cerberus (8.2)8.2Protocol 5 (8.3)8.3
13Irresistible (8.7)8.7The Discovery (9.1)9.1Moonrise (9)9.0
14Jana Bites (8.7)8.7


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E13The Discovery9.159
1S02E01Leader of the Pack9.072
1S04E09Into the Wild7.816
1S03E09The Cure7.818
1S01E01Lone Wolf7.7120
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