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Zoey 101 (2005 - 2008)

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01Welcome to PCA (7.4)7.4Back to P.C.A. (8.2)8.2Surprise (8.2)8.2Trading Places (8.7)8.7
02New Roomies (8)8.0Time Capsule (8.3)8.3Chase's Girlfriend (7.5)7.5Fake Roommate (7.9)7.9
03Webcam (7.8)7.8Election (7.7)7.7Hot Dean (7.4)7.4Alone at PCA (8.1)8.1
04Defending Dustin (7.3)7.3Haunted House (7.8)7.8Zoey's Tutor (7.6)7.6Rumor of Love (8)8.0
05Prank Week (7.6)7.6Bad Girl (7.7)7.7The Great Vince Blake (8.4)8.4Anger Management (8)8.0
06Jet-X (8.6)8.6Broadcast Views (7.3)7.3The Silver Hammer Society (7.9)7.9Quinn Misses the Mark (8.3)8.3
07The Play (7.9)7.9Girls Will Be Boys (7.3)7.3Michael Loves Lisa (8.1)8.1Walk-A-Thon (7.5)7.5
08Quinn's Date (7.4)7.4Robot Wars (7.6)7.6Wrestling (8.1)8.1Vince Is Back (7.8)7.8
09Spring Fling (8)8.0Lola Likes Chase (8.6)8.6Zoey's Balloon (8.3)8.3Dinner for Two Many (7.5)7.5
10Backpack (7.4)7.4Spring Break-Up (7)7.0Chase's Grandma (8.5)8.5Coffee Cart Ban (8)8.0
11Disc Golf (7.9)7.9People Auction (7.8)7.8Quarantine (8.2)8.2Roller Coaster (7.7)7.7
12School Dance (8)8.0Quinn's Alpaca (7.9)7.9The Radio (8.2)8.2Chasing Zoey (8.9)8.9
13Little Beach Party (8.1)8.1Paige at PCA (8.3)8.3PCA Confidential (8.4)8.4
14Dance Contest (7.9)7.9
15Favor Chain (8)8.0
16Zoey's Ribs (7)7.0
17Curse of PCA (7.4)7.4
18Drippin' Episode (8.2)8.2
19Son of a Dean (7.4)7.4
20Hands on a Blix Van (8.3)8.3
21Miss PCA (8.3)8.3
22Logan Gets Cut Off (8)8.0
23Goodbye Zoey (8.1)8.1


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S04E12Chasing Zoey8.9187
1S04E01Trading Places8.770
1S02E09Lola Likes Chase8.682
1S01E04Defending Dustin7.378
1S03E16Zoey's Ribs7.064
1S02E10Spring Break-Up7.0318
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